This a dream/fantasy i still have not fulfilled:  

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11/9/2005 10:39 pm

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This a dream/fantasy i still have not fulfilled:

It's around 6pm(just starting to get dark out)I'm driving in my car, I have on my form-fitting navy blue dress that thigh-high length,(underneath): my dark blue silk thong, black lace bra,thigh highs, and black 3-inch heels...I haven't noticed i am over the speed limit til I see some red and blue lights flashing behind me,i start to pull off to the side of road, watching in my mirror as the state-trooper pulls in directly behind me...the door opens,and out steps this well-toned hot looking policeman proceeding to that my side of the car, he leans down to ask "where you going in such a hurry?","do you know how fast you were going i answer,"I'm not sure how fast i was going...i'm sorry officer"..he tells me,"I had you at 69" & asks for my license/registration,...i reach for the glove compartment(thinking all the while,omg what a number to be caught at) my dress slides up( i begin to feel my body heat, i look up as i see his eyes roaming up my legs to my ass)when i hand them out to him(i can't help but notice the bulge getter bigger between his muscular thighs)He stares down at me intensely & says, "Are you hiding something"..."Please step out of the car,& come with me" He has me walk towards the passenger side of his cruiser, tells me to hold still, while his hands body-search me (for god knows what)his hands begin to feel hot against my body down over my breasts(nipples hard already,omg)down my hips(grabbing me tightly),suddenly his mouth comes down on mines hard then deeper with tongue(omg i feel his rock-hardness pressing between my thighs)then he pushes me away, tells me "Turn Around & Place YOUR Hands on the Hood of MY Car,& Spread 'Em" (my mind realing about now)as his hands reach around caressing my breasts, slide down my stomach(to my now wet thong)he hears me gasp as his hands slide around to my ass,down my left leg then up to my wetness,down my right leg then back up to my throbbing smooth wet pussy,he pulls my thong aside inserting two fingers,three,four then five fingers(omg his hands feel so good i moan)I have noticed that while he was doing that he unbuttoned & unzipped his trousers,taking his rock-hardness out, he pushes up the back of my dress & thong aside, slides his hardness up inside my aching wet pussy(I gasp)as he thrusts into me with slow,long and hard strokes getting faster as he goes deeper inside me...feeling him explode inside me,my body shakes with orgasmic delight...
where we go from up to him...

liketolick427 54M

11/10/2005 10:27 am

Time for me to take a COLD shower

SexsualMD 51M
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11/10/2005 10:46 am

I enjoyed your vision; I would think that you must be disappointed sometimes by the men you have been with…not all the time but probably more than your fare share. You have sex appeal and must be an exciting lover.
I just wanted you to know that someone was listening and enjoying you. Have a great day and don’t be a stranger.

I creatively come up with uncreative things -
What the blog was I thinking?

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10/10/2006 9:39 pm

Hey tiger I got your message but haven't heard back from you. I love the story,I can help you live that fantasy. I work that area.I am the real deal,if you know what I mean.Contact me ok!

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