The day the Neighbors came over...  

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5/14/2006 11:13 pm
The day the Neighbors came over...

We had just got home that hot summer day
from our day of grocery shopping
put the last of the groceries in the frig
very small apartment we have
there's a kitchen on one end
then the bedroom bath
living room's last near outside door
well, that day he was helping me
i turned to walk towards the bed & bath
when his hands came around me from behind
i must have done something good
because he said nothing as he pulled me near
i turned a little to see his eyes
full of lustful needs inside
a rock-hard buldge forming
between his thighs
his eyes lock with mine,before i knew it
his pants fell to his ankles
he grabbed at my lil' black shorts
to pull them down,i tried to stop him, for i knew
the neighbors were knocking at the door
he covered up my mouth,kept me quiet
which made me so darn hot & wet
this he knew & bent me down on the floor
half in the kitchen,half in the bed & bath
he rammed his rock-hard-cock
in deep from behind,taking me higher
in each passing moment,my pussy so fucking wet
neighbors banging harder on the door
saying they hear us moving, open up!
he fucks me harder,faster in & out
i ram my ass back to him on every thrust
my pc muscles tighten 'round his swollen cock
i feel his body tremble which makes me
cum harder on his rock-hard-cock
with pulsating thrusts deep & hard
his hot dripping juice explodes inside
not forgetting neighbors pounding
our bodies trembling as finish in dressing
seeing him grinning from ear to ear
he goes to open for the neighbors at the door
Good God' i think what a day that blew my mind
i run back towards to bath, to finish cleaning up
splash water on my face & fix my hair
then open the bathroom door
to go into the living room & greet our guests

Good God what a day!

Can't wait for one more like it, for it blew mind away that day!

by TT Tiger

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