Hot men in or out of Uniform....  

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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10/16/2005 3:16 am

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Hot men in or out of Uniform....

Hot man in your uniform at first,
unbutton your shirt if you please,
Let me run my hands down your smooth muscular chest,
Let me kiss those sensual lips of yours,
feel your tongue slide in my mouth,
& respond back with my own tongue dancing with yours,
Our kiss deepening,
Let me feel your hands caress my body,
unbutton my shirt if you will,
Look at my black lace & pink satin bra,
with your eyes full of desire,
Expose my luscious breasts to those roaming hands of yours,
Abruptly break our kiss to bring your mouth down on my busom,
Let me lose my breath as you take each of my nipples in your mouth,
sucking,licking, tracing little circles around my nipples with your tongue,
Let me nipples harden to your dancing tongue on my flesh,
Make my pussy all soaking wet with need,
Feel my hands slide down your smooth muscled chest,
& glide across your belly to hook my fingers inside your belt,
Let me unfasten your belt, unbutton & unzip your pants & slide them down your masculine hips,
Let my soft hands caress your hard cock through your boxer/briefs, bringing you harder each minute,
Let your hands slide my shirt to the floor & unhook my lacy bra, let it fall too,
Let your hands unfasten my skirt sliding it down my shapely hips & let it drop to the floor,
Reveal my black lace,pink satin thong & sheer thigh highs,
Let your eyes fill with lust,
Let me slide your boxer/briefs to the floor with the rest,
Rub my wet pussy through my satin & lace thong,
hear my moan as your fingers move my thong aside to play with my clit,
Let my fingers wrap around your rock-hard cock,
Let me hear you moan as I stroke your cock & fondle your balls,
Grab my ass & pull me tight against you,
Lift me up so my legs wrap around your waist,
Let me feel your rock-hard cock thrust into my soaking wet pussy,
Both of us moaning as my pussy swallows all of your cock deep inside,
Let my hips grind into yours at every breath-taking thrust,
Fulfill my need that burns within my throbbin pussy lips,
My aching need to have your juices burst inside me,
Thrust in & out of me harder,faster,
Let my hip meet your every thrust taking us higher,
Let me taste your mouth hungrily deeper with tongue,
as our hips rock & grind together,til my pussy vibrates,
Let my muscles tighten around your massive hard cock thrusting,
Let me scream out your name as i cum squirting my juices all over your cock,
scream my name as my pussy gets tighter around your cock making you cum so hard and long inside me,
Let me feel your body stiffen & trembling as you orgasm,
bring me through orgasmic delight as your hot juices erupt inside my shakin body,
Let me collapse against you, as you bring me towards the bed to start anew...
Let our rhythm never end, for this is only...

1wildfireman4u 60M
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11/11/2005 7:12 pm

this fireman is liking what he reads here ......yumm

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