Every Inch of Rippling Muscle...  

lady_ttiger4ny 45F
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6/8/2006 12:12 am

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6/23/2006 12:39 am

Every Inch of Rippling Muscle...

Today I saw your picture
So many thoughts of you go through my mind
dreamingly picturing how you would look
there before me while working out at the gym
every pump of iron you lift,your muscles ripple,
beads of sweat sliding down
every inch of flexing muscle
seeing your t-shirt,dripping wet with sweat
clinging up against your muscular chest
a firey need burning within my loins,
at every move you make,biceps flexing
such swift movement,iron's pumped
I watch you,mesmerized by your form
like a tiger watching her prey
such hunger deep within me
an aching need to have you
i can not help myself but i keep watch
such strength as you lift those heavy weights
onto each end of the gripping bar
you lay on your back,my eyes wander lower
to see a buldging between your thighs
glancing up quickly i notice
before your head is under the bar
your eyes lock with mine,
a firey need burns within my loins
from the intensity of your stare
& a spark of desire i see within them
my panties moisten with such wetness
I see the evil grin acrossed your lips
as you begin lifting, I notice
that you are becoming aroused
for the buldging between your thighs
is growing with every lift of weight
you seem to like me watching
with such aching need, you become more aroused
every flexing of muscle of yours
my nipples grow hard against my small t-shirt
as you let the gripping bar of weight
slide back in its holder,i see you're rock hard
i look away as you sit up & feeling
the heat of your eyes,i look back to see you coming closer, o' god...i think 'i'm about to cum'...what a sight i must be...
lust still within my eyes,my nipples hard buds,& panties all soaking wet...

oh my...what will happen next? Mmmm

rm_dickorgasm 36M

6/8/2006 10:20 pm

You sold me. How about riding my cock?

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