A Woman's Kiss...  

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4/8/2006 12:24 am

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A Woman's Kiss...

The touch of her lips upon his
made him crave for more
he grabbed for her
but she was not within reach
how could this be? he thought
Is this just a dream or is he awake?
The feel of her soft silky skin
branded his with her firey hot touch
awaking all his senses
her fingers trailed down his back
as he turned to look in her eyes
those deep baby blues
mesmerized his every thought
he longed to touch her
but was afraid...
she was just his imagination
running wild again
seems she is one
tigeress dressed as an angel
in her silky white babydoll
so sweet yet so hot indeed
last night was a dream come true
when she gave herself to him
her deep baby blues locked
with his hazel brown hues
she pushed him down onto the bed
slowing undressing him
sliding acrossed him
like a tigeress claiming her dessert
she trailed her fingers down
his bare chest, muscles rippled
under her touch, her mischievious smile
as she took each of his nipples
in her mouth sucking & licking them
to hard buds, made him grow hard
she trailed her kisses down
his abdomen lower still
he was growing harder w/eagerness
as she came to stop at his rock-hard cock
taking him to extra heights
as she slide her tongue down his cock
to balls sucking probing deeper
her tongue teasing his arse
almost made him explode
she hesitated long enough to twirl
around on the bed so she was straddling 69
he found her bare beneath that babydoll she wore
so soft and smooth as his mouth
dove in to make her sweet juices flow
she stroked his cock as her tongue
slide around the head of his cock
taking him deeper as he plunged his tongue
into her depths making her body quiver
her moans on his cock drove him to the edge
calling her name as she drenched him
with her sweet hot pussy juice
driving him over the edge
he exploded as his hot load of cum
filled her mouth
she claimed every drop her own
drank him til he could cum no more

yes,a woman's kiss can bring you
to your knees...wouldn't you agree?

"A Woman's Kiss"
by 'Tiger'

Rideandfun1000 59M

4/8/2006 8:32 am

... that delicious, deliberate, start of tease - knowing it will end in a please - kiss... the kind of kiss that wraps around a man like a velvet lasso, and promises him such pleasure in doing her bidding...

Yes... "A Woman's Kiss" can bring me to my knees...

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