A Desire to Have...Passion Within Once More  

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4/13/2006 10:28 pm

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A Desire to Have...Passion Within Once More

Tonight I long to have you
once again in my arms
I wait in anticipation
for night we meet again
to have your hands caressing
every inch of my body
your lips upon mine
when will this be?
I can take no more
have to have you now
touch me there yes...
take my nipples in your mouth
lick them,suck them
play with them if you will
as your tongue trails down my body
i'm wet for you
won't you feel?
ahh, right there that's the spot
suck it, lick it, stroke it more
drink my juices, make me cum again
thrust yourself deep inside
in & out & all around
make me sit on top
rock my hips with yours
all night long & in the early morning
drift asleep as we will
awaken me with your cock deep inside
make me claw the bed
pushing my hips back into yours
rocking my hips to make you cum
you can't take no more
i feel you burst
hungrily fuckin me from behind
oh god, i'm cumming again
feel my cum all over your cock
nice & wet,you slide in & out
touch my G-spot as you do
omg,i'm cumming more
make me gush,yet fuck me more
i can't get enough
bending down some more
making you ram your cock deeper so
driving wild & over the edge
i feel your body quiver from behind
omg, i'm cumming hard
my muscles tighten
on your swollen cock
as you shoot your load of cum inside
quivering as we catch our breathe
our bodies mold in orgasmic delight

Cum to me Once more...
I desire to have you
Bring my body passion within again

by "Tiger" TT

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