Your Body is A Wonderland......Oh yeah!!  

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3/22/2006 8:35 pm

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Your Body is A Wonderland......Oh yeah!!

Slowly he comes behind me and gently lifts my hair off my neck. He licks my neck and makes a path to my earlobe. He nibbles on it as he blows in my ear. Sending a tingling sensation all over my body. He turns my body so I am facing him, and takes my body closer to his as he kisses me.His kisses are so warm and tender. His tongue wondering around my lips and encircling my tongue.Our kiss goes on forever as we stand holding each other. Each kiss becomes more and more fierce as we start to let our hands wonder each others body. He traces my back down to my buttocks and gently squeezes them. Slowly his hand moves back up to my bra as he undoes the clasp. He lifts my blouse up over my head and my bra falls to the floor. My voluptuous breasts bounce as he lifts one to his mouth and sucks on my nipple. My body is ready for more. He takes the rest of my clothes off of me as he tastes my supple skin. My body is aching inside for more from him.
Stay tuned for more.

yourstoplaywith1 56M

4/4/2006 6:13 am

liked your story....found myself reaching down for my hard cock slowly stroking it as I read...

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