What You See Is What You Get Baby.....  

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7/30/2005 11:29 am

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What You See Is What You Get Baby.....

I know that there are alot of fake people on this website. I personally have only dealt with a few, but ive heard of many. Im going to tell you from my side, why i joined this website.

After my seperation, I was kind of lonely, bored...and very curious about things. I began to surf the internet. I came across this website and was highly interested. I have changed my profile twice since i started on here. I have found that the more honest you are in it, the better responses you get.
If i don't get good responses than those weren't the ones i want to hook up with anyway. When i began to meet the men i have met, i think they were a little thrown back by my aggressive manner. Im not shy by any means. My first time was awkward, but since has been much better. I know that we all say that we want a no strings attached relationship.

But how many of you are really being honest with yourself? I know for me, I am. I am not ready for head off into the sunset with anyone right now. Thats not to say that later on i won't change my mind. But for now, I just want to make friends and have fun.

When i first started on here, my girlfriend had given me some advice that has stuck with me. She told me the best way to be sexually active and not get attached as a woman, was to think like a man. Im not sure what that means, but all i know is i started thinking differently than I used to as a woman. When a woman has an orgasm, or even just has a sexual encounter of any kind with a man. Its a very emotional thing. Thats why when a woman is done she wants to cuddle and just lay there. Men turn over and go to sleep.

I still like to lay on my mans chest afterward, but only to hear how fast his heart is beating. I did that to him, I made him feel that way. I love that.
I DO NOT get emotionally attached to the people i come into contact with.
I mean, i enjoy the times we share and I love to come into contact multiple times with the same man. The more you have sex with one person, the more you learn their body. What im saying is, I don't get all weird on these men. I may contact you a few times, but if you dont' respond. Then i get the hint and i move on.

Im not into playing any games.

So when i say that what you see is what you get, i mean that MY profile is right on. I dont' lie or make up things to be more interesting. I am the real deal and I know what im looking for. If your someone that doesn't play games and is real, then we should talk. As long as you dont' live 200 miles away, I like someone close. Some closer than others...Wink to you know who.

roadrunner692U 54M

8/1/2005 6:40 pm

Wow !!!!! That was very well said and I really enjoyed reading it. You have stated some very good points and I believe that you truely stated your mind as well. I surely hope that all who read this have the same understanding of what you mean as it is pretty darn clear. Anyway, thank you for writing thiis. I would enjoy chayting to you as you really seem to have your shit together...Take care...Andy

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