The passion within  

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The passion within

This blog is dedicated to someone that I is special to know who you are.

He calls me to say that Friday is the day. Lucky for me, I have the whole day off. So i shower with my best scented soaps and lather my body with the lotions. Put on my most revealing top and my tightest My late afternoon date with this man is going to go great.

I make my way to his i get to the door he opens it and smiles at me. Such a devilish grin he has. Wonder whats on his mind?

He gives me a nice tight hug as I come into his home. We continue to the living room where he is a gentleman and offers me a place to sit, anything to drink he asks? No, Im fine thanks.

I am a little nervous. I have waited a long time for this moment.
He sits down next to me and puts his arm around me. We are soo close to eachother, i can smell his cologne and I long to be even closer to him. He smiles and tells me that I am so much more adorable in person than in my pictures. ( Well imagine that, there is more to me than my boobs)
I smile and tell him thank you, then he uses one hand to hold my face and pulls me close to him, gently kissing me.
A very passionate kiss, seems like it last forever. We become intimate with eachother. I think the nervousness is gone for both of us. The kissing moves on to touching as well. Both of us touching eachother and never once stopping the kiss. AFter what seems like eternity, he quietly asks me to follow him.

We make our way to his bedroom,he's lit several candles and the flicker and sweet smell of them draws me closer to him. Looking at him in the shadows, he's so rugged and mysterious.

I want more. We slowly undress eachother, our hands moving across the others body.I crawl into his bed, turning over to wait for him to follow me. He crawls in and climbs on top of me, holding my head and kissing me again. One leg propped on my leg, he starts to move his hands down my neck.....using just one finger, he makes his way to my nipples.....barely touching them. My nipples are so hard and ready for more than just a touch. He continues down to my tummy, around my belly button and down to my pussy. Where he teases me. All the while we are passionatly kissing.Then he moves his tongue from my mouth and starts to move down my body. Oh how I love this part, to feel the excitement of this man as he tastes me for the first time. He stops to suck on my nipples..........I am already so wet for him. Then he finally makes it down there....teasing me, slowly thrusting his tongue inside me. My clit is swollen by now, just wanting to be sucked. He keeps going in, deeper and deeper....oh baby. I squirt and he comes up smiling at me. He asks me if i enjoyed that?
Well of course i did.
He tells me that is just the appetizer.

We're going to go out and have some fun.......dinner maybe a movie. ANd then when we get back.....we'll finish this.

I asked if he wants me to give him his appetizer...he say no baby.......we have ALL night to finish this. Lets go slow and enjoy it all.

HMMMM, sounds good doesn't it??? Well.....I'll write more tomorrow.

I got a little wet just writing this part so now i need to take care of that.

Hope you like this baby.

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