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lady_on_fire 45F
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9/11/2005 3:54 pm

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Stood up

Last night there was someone that wanted to hook up with me. Cool, I am all about that. Meeting new people and having fun. We made a time, and place to meet. He didnt' show, didn't say anything about it. So what the heck? I am not into playing games on here. I am in this for one main reason, to have a good time.

Now for this person, if he would have said, hey sorry, can't make it. THat would be different. But not a damn thing. I guess I should just say it was his loss. I think I have alot to offer when it comes to sex. He probably would have been one of those guys that just wants to get HIS rocks off anyway. Screw that, either i get it or forget it.

Anyway, Just a blog to vent today. Nothing interesting in the way of my life right now. Just a wasted saturday night. Damn.

open4fun2005 58M/50F

9/11/2005 7:54 pm

Now that just plain sucks! Hubby and I usually will ask that whoever we are meeting for the first time to meet us somewhere we really like to go....that way if they dont show up...not all is lost...we still have a great time! Hope that you agreed to meet somewhere relatively close to your home....with the price of gas.....would piss me off just a bit if I drove some distance and the other party didnt show up and didnt call. His loss for sure!! I am willing to bet that he doesnt get a second chance!!

allnighter24712 48M

9/11/2005 9:57 pm

How about I give you some pleasure next time?

I can certainly make you wet enough to put out that fire!!

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