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10/22/2005 5:09 pm

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I was thinking today of what it is that I have accomplished thus far in my life.

I started out a VERY good girl in life. Especially as a teenager, i was not sexually active till after 18(guess i am making up for that now). I didnt' really even date much in high school. But when i graduated and had sex for the first time, OMG....i wanted more. I used to cruise the strip..Noland Road. Oh yeah, i was the young one standing out washing my car at the car my mini skirt...guys coming up. That was when i was smaller, i had some sexy legs back then. My friends and I used to go out there and meet all kinds of men/boys i mean. I didn't have sex with all of em. Actually, i had a couple steady guys there. We were into the whole party scene and was having a blast doing it.

Then came my pre marriage stage....still horny..the energy between me and my husband was intense at first. We could have sex just about anywhere, anytime. Very intense sex we had. But then, faded quickly. We had ROUTINE sex after the first 5 years.

Then came the just after divorce sex...i was soo timid. Not sure what to expect. I had made some friends that made things pretty easy on me. But some that wanted to do more than i was ready for.
I enjoyed sex, but still hadn't let go of my ex. So sex was just like a pacifier for me. Calmed me, soothed me.

But then came the wild child. I am hungry for sex. I crave certain things when it comes to someone satisfying me. I am not afraid to tell a man what i want sexually. I think that I have become very in touch with my sexual side. I feel very sexy all the time. Not just while im having sex, but always.

Now that I have embraced the person I have become, my only choice is to keep going. I want to explore things, and experiment with new people and ideas. I am open to change and hoping to find new things to make me feel good. I want to keep my old friends too, hopefull they will venture off with me on my journey. MMM< come on....its going to be an adventure.

screwmeovernout 59M

10/22/2005 6:07 pm

I like popcorn

loknfrafantsy 55M
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10/23/2005 3:48 am

I am up for an adventure. I hope to have a better picture available for you soon. I would also like to hear more of what you desire. BTW nice picture.

rm_big1utah 56M
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11/25/2005 3:02 pm

lady on fire. Wish we had meet long time ago. You are very sexy. I love the car wash. Getting bj in car and licking pussy and fingering it too. You picture is awesome. You are very sexy.

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