Passionate Play  

lady_on_fire 45F
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10/6/2005 7:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Passionate Play

I'm just getting ready for bed one night and there is a knock at my door. Thinking it was just a neighbor, i go to answer it in my pajamas.(not the most attractive ones either). But to my surprise its one of "friends". He smiles real big and asks to come in. Well of course I let him in. I told him to hang on a minute while i go put myself together. I go into my room not realizing that he was following i bent over to get clothes out of my dresser, he comes up behind me. OOOOO, i think he needs me, i can feel that. So i stand up and he pulls me to him, i am still facing away from him. He puts his arms around me and starts to massage my breasts. SLowly he massages them and caresses my body while kissing my neck. Moving my hair out of the way and licking my neck. THen with heated passion, he turns me around and kissing me, deep and long. We undress eachother and slowly begin our foreplay. He likes to run his fingers up and down my body, getting me all worked up. Kind of a tease that way. Tonight he tells me it's all about me. He wants to provide me with all the pleasure. How did I get so lucky?
He begins by laying me down and taking my breasts into his mouth, sucking each nipple. Looking at me with sexy eyes as he licks and sucks my nipple.He goes from one breast to the other. Same things with each. Then he licks my body, all down my belly to my thighs.
He kisses my inner thighs and gently opens my pussy lips to see my clit popping out to greet him. He licks me inside and out....tasting my clit. Slowling sucking my clit and using his fingers to penetrate my pussy more. I squirt several times while this is all going on. He can't get enough, each time i squirt, he sucks my juices up. Licking harder and with more passion than before. Oh baby...

I finally can't take any more and I turn him over and climb on top of him. My body is so hot and ready for to feel him inside me. I feel his cock slide inside and my warmth envelopes it. My pussy tightening around it. MMMMMM. I grind up and down, slow at first....him sucking my tits as i am leaning over him. Then i sit up and really start grinding my body into his...faster and harder...oh yeah..oh yea..mmmmmmmmm....wetness fills my thighs. I gush all over his cock and he just can't take it. He holds onto my hips and thrushes his cock deeper inside me....until he cums with a heated moan. He lets it go. OHHHHH mYYYY GOOOOOd!!!!

That was a fun filled evening. WOW.

Lots more where that came from.

rm_clitoral_man 51M
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10/18/2005 12:57 pm

I agree with you...WOW! I just wandered into your blog, and gotta' say thanks(!) for making my day! I've only had a small taste so far (this page), but your passion definitely has a very arousing affect on me. Keep it cumming, I know I'll be cumming back for more!


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