It's About Time!!!  

lady_on_fire 45F
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10/21/2005 5:32 am

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It's About Time!!!

I admit, there are several different sites that I am on and a variety of "friends"that I have come into contact with. But earlier this summer I started talking to a man that made me feel really good about ME. Well...for certain reasons he kind of let go and we didn't meet back then. And just recently, we decided to meet and see what the other was all about.

Well, he was exactly like his picture. Very handsome and a sweetheart to talk to. We talked about the different sites and I even let him see my blogs from here. He was a little in shock i think, he thought i was conservative. LOL. No, not me.

Well, we talked for a while and it was actually very pleasant. And finally....finally....i got that kiss I had been patiently waiting for.()() So gentle, sweet. His lips were so soft. His touch was so electric to my skin. I had wanted him to touch me for so long that the more he did the hotter I became. Imagine that!!
He is a VERY good kisser which we all know is something that really makes the rest of the event something to look forward to. He was so cute about moving forward. Of course i wanted to keep things moving. We ended up in my room and the feeling of having his body on mine made me reach an orgasm WAY before I wanted to. I think that we could have gone a LONG time if we both could have contained our excitement. This had been coming for some time.

He was a gentle lover, soft kisses. Easy touches, making me feel very sexy.
I want him more, as our evening is about to be over...i feel that. You know how you get that feeling deep inside telling you that the experience was well worth your time. Well, I think I have made a very good friend out of this fella. He is a major sweetheart and I KNOW we will see eachother again very soon. Too bad he lives so far away from me

If only he was closer we could enjoy that touch more often and feel that ultimate feeling of ectasy over and over again.
The next time will be more eventful, I plan on making much better use of my time with him. Seeing this sexy man walk through my door is a delight and I look forward to it again.

methodman1000 40M
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10/21/2005 7:32 am

someone has made you get to your boiling so happy for you

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