In The End!!!  

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10/24/2005 10:13 pm

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In The End!!!


Well, I finally was able to let someone fully take me from behind. I know, what was i waiting for you ask. Well, I just had to really be feeling it,and this time....I was FEELING SOMETHING>.

This man, talk, dark and handsome.....comes to see me. Sooo much cuter in person, very hot. Wearing a leather coat( if he only knew how that made me feel) MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Anyway, he stood in my doorway as i turn to close the door and he was waiting for me. He immediately kissed me. I really like a man that can just take charge. And he did it. He put his arms around me and kissed me.

We moved things to my room, so as not to disturb anyone. And he sat on the bed, i moved closer to him....he nuzzled his face in my breasts. Rubbing them on his face, kissing them through my shirt. MMMM, very tingly. Then we took my shirt off and kissed and sucked them. Wanting me to climb on top of him, both of us with clothes on, except my shirt. I was on him, riding his cock through his pants. Feeling him rise as I slammed back down on him. MMMMMMMM, he said he liked me being on top. He kind of likes BIG girls....OK....I'm way more than just that. I wanted him to feel good. He was so much more intent on making me feel good.

He undressed me and began making his way down to my pussy. SLowly nibbling on my clit, tasting my sweet lips. He buried his face deep inside my pussy and before I knew it i was letting my juices flow. I couldn't stop them. I flooded him and he drank it in. MMMMM, then he came to me and i grabbed his face and kissed him. Tasting myself on his goatee. Oh his kiss was intense and I was begging for him to take me. He undressed and we started having sex, my legs wrapped around him pulling him into me deeper. I wanted to feel every inch.
He wanted to switch to doggie style, oh yeah, my favorite. So i turned over and he started putting it in, but my pussy was just too wet, so he slid it in one more time and it went in my butt. OH MY!!!
I let him continue, slowly and gently. I told him. He did, and he leaned on me, talking me through it as he kept going at me from behind. OHHH it felt sooo good. He was talking to me, kissing my neck, telling me how good it felt. I love a man that talks during sex. He finally got moving faster, my butt was letting him move...harder and faster. MMMM, just kept going until he came, such a quiet man when he cums, i liked it though. Too many men that want to cum with such force.
Oh it was a very nice encounter. He said he would be my winter playmate. I like that idea, he seemed snuggly.LOL.
I think we could have played more, but we got interuppted a little. So things had to end, luckily the first round was already over anyway. Oh well, next time we can make it to round 2. I'm up for it, hope he is.

rm_chilliman000 52M

10/28/2005 7:27 pm

very sexy! I love to go down the back alley!

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