I must have SUCKER written across my forehead  

lady_on_fire 45F
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9/2/2005 11:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I must have SUCKER written across my forehead

Well, it happened again. Meet someone that tells me that they want a relationship. They show me nothing but good things, and always say the right things. Then all of a sudden, one excuse comes up. This time its because I have small kids. But all the feelings aside and he doesn't want to raise small kids again. Whatever, I wasn't looking for a new daddy. I just want to be happy in my life. I thought I had found it. How stupid I was to believe that. I have tried not to be cynical when it comes to love and things like that. But this is changing my mind, what is the point of opening up my heart if its just going to get shredded to pieces?

I guess i just jump to fast, I have made this mistake for the last time. Now I am just going to focus on what I can do for me. The one thing that makes me happy is sex, so im not even going to let the emotional aspect of love enter into my sexual desires.

Thank you to those that have remained close to me. You know who you are. We have great sex together, but you also are caring souls.

My writings will be back to normal soon enough. Enough of this mushy crap.

open4fun2005 58M/51F

9/2/2005 3:16 pm

I have only recently started reading your post...and I am not familiar with your past relationships or experiences with men. I read your post about putting all your time into this new guy you met. very recently I take it? WOW!! That didnt take long!...You only wrote that post this past Sunday. I am taking a SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) here....but I have a feeling you didnt know one another very well in the first place...and perhaps you both jumped way too fast.
Evidently he is either scared of committment and doesnt want to go there with you...or he lost the interest somewhere between Sunday and today. I am confused at times with your post...because it would seem you are looking for strictly sex at times...and at other times you are looking for a relationship with someone. Maybe you are looking for both! Nothing wrong with that. Did you meet this guy on AdultFriendFinder? If so...I dont think the odds are with you in finding a man to have a meaningful relationship with. Not that it cant happen....but less likely to on this ADULT SEX and SWINGERS site. You are not stupid...not even close...you want someone to love you and that is a natural human desire. To be loved by somebody. To share your feelings with and to feel close to.
I am sorry that it didnt work out...it is his loss. It is better to find out now that he wanted out...then to invest several months or possibly several years with him before finding out.
True happiness resides in yourself. NOBODY can make you happy but YOU. NOBODY can make YOU unhappy unless YOU give them the permission to. Dont give ANYONE the power to make you have negative feelings. Focus on making yourself happy...If it means finding men for sex only...DO IT!! focus on you children....They love you unconditionally. I truelly believe that love will eventually find you...when you least expect it! Good luck hon....and dont be sad..."BE HAPPY!"

lady_on_fire 45F

9/2/2005 7:38 pm

Thank you for that, you are one of many people that have told me that. I plan on keeping myself happy and YES, just SEX is fine with me. Of course I want more, but it will happen when it does.
Im just as confused, he sure didnt' seem like he wanted less from me. Oh well, you live and learn. His loss is right. I think i can keep myself occupied on here. Thanks for reading my post, you do seem to get me.

rm_BadaBwoy 33M
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9/13/2005 4:12 am

and gives me holds. I want too of you

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