Hot and Very Sexy  

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10/13/2005 7:53 pm

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Hot and Very Sexy

Now for my night of hot, sweaty sex. This person that I see occasionally has a very sexy look about him. And I just can't help when he gets here to stop him in his tracks and just kiss him. Our kissing gets very intense lasting for several minutes. Seems like we stand and kiss for a long time before we ever carry on to anything else. Kissing is a very passionate, intensely sexual pleasure that alot of people take foregranted. I like someone that can kiss me and really want to kiss. It makes passion build between two people and makes the foreplay that much more fun. Stopping during foreplay and even during sex to continue a good kiss.

Anyway, after we kiss for some time i of course want to get comfortable. We go to my room where he kisses me more, then he turns me around and starts kissing my neck. OH BABY! I am very sensitive on my neck and back. As he's kissing me, licking my neck, i can feel his cock growing from behind me. Pushing into my ass as he holds me and sucks on my neck(accidentally giving me a hickie....hard to explain) LOL.
I take his clothes off, slowly getting to his underwear and removing them so his cock is sticking out at me asking me to suck on it. So of course i oblige and take his cock into my mouth. Oh yes, i can tell he likes it, his body sways back and forth as i suck it. He is gently pushing my head as i continue sucking. Then he grabs my hair and pushes me back on the bed, and he keeps his body close to me while he comes back up to me and kisses me some more. MMMMMMMMMM, awesome kisser he is.

He starts kissing my nipples and sucking on them , as he does...he pushes it to my mouth so i can suck on my own nipple. Our tongues meet and we kiss a little as he finishes sucking my nipples. He uses his finger and starts to finger my pussy....slowly flicking my clit. My body feels the intense urge to let go. I let go and soak his fingers. He likes it enough to where he keeps fingering me. I soak him more and more with each stroke. While i am being fingered, I start to suck his earlobe and as i do i whisper in his ear that I want him to fuck me now. He is ready and he spreads my legs and teases my pussy with his cock. He asks me if I want that, i tell him hell yes i want you baby. So he FINALLY enters my pussy with his hard cock. MMMMMM, it feels soo good. I want him to fuck me harder, but he is slow an easy at first. Then he starts to really fuck me. OH yeah baby. When he cums he shoots it hard and fills me up. MMMMMM, we roll over and lay together talking.
Of course we end up playin ALOT more before the night is over. I don't think either of us wanted to end it. But it was almost 3am and we both needed some sleep. He had a long drive ahead of him too.
We stood at the door and kissed some more, what a way to end the evening. I always look forward to this sexy man coming over to play.

Taedhe 106M

10/17/2005 3:12 pm

Good tale. Very erotic. I've had one long-distance girlfriend, and a one long-distance boyfriend in my life. I never wanted them to end either. It's always a 'must' that I left (work, keeping house, and all)... but alas... <<sighs here>> it would have been nice to stay more times than I did.
Kissing, touching, caressing... I love all those with my partners. I like your writing style!

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