Ex's........I don't think he gets the meaning of ex!  

lady_on_fire 45F
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7/14/2005 7:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ex's........I don't think he gets the meaning of ex!

Ok, get this...my ex husband is telling me that I really need to settle down. I guess he thinks that I spend too much time with my friends and not enough time being the person he was married to. Funny thing is, we're not married anymore. All that happened is i found myself again, my identity and IM not letting go of it for anyone again. He says he just cares about me and doesn't want to see me hurt. Well, I am a big girl and im not in this to get hurt. I am just having fun, I was married for 10 years and I am seeing my options right now. I admit, I do want what everyone talks about, the REAL thing....but it happens when it happens. I am not waiting around looking for it. The bad thing with the ex is, he says he puts me on a pedastal because i am the mother of his children. And he doesn't think of me as someone that just has sex with someone.I think he is more or less just jealous that its not him i am having sex with anymore.
I know he cares, but I really think that he needs to realize that if I were a man, like him, and having sex.....it would be cool. But since Im a woman, i have to be considered a slut or something. Get over it, I am in my sexual prime right now. I hope to find just one special person to share this with. Not saying we have to commit to one another, but it will be nice to know my mans body and him know mine...sex after the first time only gets better. To know all their spots, the good ones, that make him go wild. I know some spots, but I think that all men are different and have many different spots to find.
ANyway, I just wish he would get on with his life and back off of mine. I am happy right now, and I am making wonderful friends.

babsygirl 55F

7/14/2005 7:56 am

you go girlllllllllll ..... I left an 11 yr ugly relationship and am enjoying meeting new men and having new experiences...

As my nephew told me...consider this a buffet.....try a lil of this, a lil of that....some of this...some of that....and yes it can apply to new men...as each has something unique to offer....and to enjoy..

Your ex...ahhhh he misses the hot lady U are....his loss...take care and enjoy honey...enjoy

herb454647 42M

7/14/2005 8:12 am

yes, you right, let meet new people, and have a great time that;s you need a perfect hours of pasion and you will see, waht we have in the from. take your time and meet new men,, and try diferent things,,,that good..

coffeemaker00 44F

7/14/2005 9:04 am

Either ignore him as it's your life not his, or if you don't want to hear the grief, don't tell him, it's none of his business anyway. Enjoy, be safe, be healthy, be desired.

c1ngl3 45M
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7/14/2005 9:52 am

Ok well I get your point cause I was once a married man and now I am enjoying the freedom that life has to offer. Y ea I think your ex needs to stop and think, you know I mean can he really say that he is not having sex with other woman?? M aybe the problem with him is that the women he is having sex with dont even come close to the beauty of your body, or maybe all the things that he used to do to you and you said felt great maybe in your you were just trying to make him feel good about himself and now he is trying this with other woman and finding out that he's not as good as he thinks. I myself am 34 great age, cause you have already been thro the teenage sexual pleasures and yet you are aged enough to begin a new jurney of sexual pleasure. Not that all teen sex was bad!! Wow that would be great 2 34 year olds in there sexual prime, my god there would be no limits to the sexual pleasures and orgasmic flowings we could share.

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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7/14/2005 10:47 am

Lady, as you already know, women are from Venus and Men are Dumb Asses. He merely wants what he can't have.

Freedom is a wonderful thing. Most inspirational.

[blog talldarkavg1]

rm_lov3rboy20 31M
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7/14/2005 1:45 pm

this is kind of a woman's post but i agree. people hold on for too damn long. I was engaged all the way through my sexual prime (which is like age 17-20 for guys) and I just now free to explore. I wish I would've more in the past. and people need to forget about what they had because they don't have it anymore, whether it was good or bad. have fun and enjoy your freedom!

rm_pinkestlips 29F

7/14/2005 3:26 pm


JusteGiberBahts 47M
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7/14/2005 4:41 pm

I hear you Ihad the same problem with my ex girlfriend she even followed mr to Michigan. You need to read my blog and comment on it

cajunpet 70M
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7/15/2005 7:59 am

It is your life and do what you enjoy doing. His or anyone else opinion does not matter, and don't let it get you down.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

nicecockullsee 53M

7/15/2005 9:00 am

I agree with what your saying...he probably misses the sex with you..guessing though...without knowing what happened with your marriage break up with him ..you have started a new life since your divorce and everybody in your position should be happy so.. do what you want and don't worry about his thoughts on your personal business. Are things better now? Are you happier being single? Maybe I'll get brave and do what needs to be done myself.

lady_on_fire 45F

7/15/2005 1:51 pm

Yes nicecockullsee.......I am 10x's happier now than i ever was with him.

Masseur_0 41M

7/22/2005 8:02 pm

I agree, jealous of what he is missing out on. My ex checks up on me an wants to make sure I'm being "good" for out daughter. She tells me I'm gonna be jeaouls when she starts dating other guys but in the samae breath says I better not let our daughter see me with another woman...Whatever...

I'm free now and ready to get back to the life I put on hold when I got into my failed relationship....Glad to hear of your upbeat attitude. Makes me believe that it's possable....Take Care

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