Can you hang with me?  

lady_on_fire 45F
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9/6/2005 12:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can you hang with me?

Just curious about the men on this site. How much is too much for you when it comes to sex? What i mean is, can you get it up again and again in the same night? If you can't, maybe you need a new woman to get it there.
But if you can, tell me what you do to get it going again. Im interested in making sure that I please my man when im with him. So any good pointers to keep it up and keep it hard are welcome here.
Here is what i do, seems to work for me so far:

After we have had sex and he has let it go, MOST of the men I have been with just lay back and relax. Heavy breathing, sweating, just exhausted from the fun they just had. But I just can't seem to get enough, so of course i start slow. Just running my fingers gently over their body, usually starting with his chest. Slowly moving them around his belly, and down to his legs. I ever so lightly brush my fingertips against the head of his cock and trace it with my fingers. Over and over and over again. Usually until i hear him take a deep breath. Then I know im getting to him a little. Then I rub my fingers down to his balls and slightly touch them, over to his thighs and then back up. I keep this up for a while and then i kiss him. Deeply and get my hands moving again while im kissing him, licking his neck, sucking his ears. By this time, his hands are back on me and we are VERY close to going at it again.

I enjoy the task of getting a man to cum more than once. I have been with a few that can't believe that they did it again. One that couldn't believe he came during 69.

So tell me what really gets you going guys. Im interested, and believe me.....Im listening.

rm_tng2pls 48M

9/6/2005 2:23 pm

Sounds like you are doing everything right. After I cum, I usually can get it up again in 10-15 minutes, maybe faster with a little stimulation. Just because we cum doesn't necessarily mean we have to take a break. Often after I cum, I will just keep going and my cock softens slighty, but then hardens back up quickly. The second time is the best. Since the initial orgasm is out of the way, I can usually last a LONG LONG TIME.

RailBaron2 54M

9/6/2005 4:12 pm

A woman like you would definatly keep me going,having a beautiful woman actually WANT another round would get me going again, & her TELLING me She wants ME & not a toy to get her off , You throw some logs like that in the firebox & THIS train would be bound for GLORY!

one2beornot2be 38M
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9/6/2005 5:26 pm

Well, Usually my cock goes numb during sex. It is like a built in viagra. Kind of weird, but if she is really wet i really can't feel a thing till she dries a little. After I cum... well, that is a different story. If I am tired than I will fall asleep, and the fingers rubbing up and down my body only helps me fall asleep faster. If I cum inside and she gets slick again, then I go numb and it just stays hard from the stimulation. Kind of like it has a mind of its own, I guess it does really, don't most guys follow their cocks like it is thinking for them. The second orgasm is even more difficult, It takes twice as much stimulaton to get me over that peak. Well, I have never cum from the 69, I have cum on the rare occasion from oral and it is out of this world when it happens. Just doesn't happen enough. Good pointers LoL... for keeping it up? I like the pun there, Well, No alchole, if so, no more than tipsy. Uhm, I think a high protean diet helps. It helps me recover faster from a hard workout at the gym giving my muscles the building fuel they need. Certainly the sexy dabbing kisses up and down the neck help as well. Some women that give me head just frustrate me because they have no idea what they are doing. Perhaps that is why they lean more toward the Bi side of things. Well, thats my verbal intercorse as it were...

malenymphnkc 43M

9/6/2005 10:35 pm

I certainly need a woman like you. Since my past partners (all usually in relationships) have been pleased b4 i get off ( i like to lick it and make them cum 1st) I find that after I've finished the 1st time.. it will be me to initiate the 2nd. usually 10 minutes.

I've not dated women that meet my sexual needs and desires and your style sounds like it would work easily. Just reading it brought a quick lift from me. I think i'll go no and stroke it to thoughts of you and how erotic your writing is.


beshkno 44M

9/8/2005 4:25 pm

I think that I subscribe to malenymphnkc's style. I like to have the woman cum first and second and third. I practice the style of delaying my ejaculation for a long time. More of a slow, sensual form of sex. I like to fuck, get them off a couple of times, take a break without cumming, go back for more...and repeat as necessary. More about the woman's pleasure than mine.

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