Anyone for daytime fun this week???  

lady_on_fire 45F
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9/12/2005 8:13 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Anyone for daytime fun this week???

IF thats not just putting it all out there i don't know what is. I have this week only available for some daytime fun activities. Today is almost lost, but the rest of the week is great. I only want the able bodied that can carry me to new heights of pleasure. Don't bother me if you don't like oral, because there is sure to be plenty of that on both our ends.
ALso, please be sure to read my blogs, my profile so you know what your getting. I am a woman that knows what I like in the bedroom. I want a man that can satisfy that. Or at least be willing to try. LOL

I want someone that is available for more than an hour too. Asking too much? I dont' think so. An hour is not nearly enough time for me to do what i want to you. So you know there has to be more time for you to also do some naughty things to me.

Im extremely horny and can't get enough right now. Not sure why, but who cares? Be ready to tear your clothes off at the door. No small talk here. THat can wait for after the FIRST time, make sure to take your vitamins baby. I WILL wear you out.
Hope to hear back soon. Either here or email me. Later.

voracious1000 51M
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9/12/2005 10:03 am

Hi, would love to join you this week for a few hours of nasty erotic fun. please give me a call if interested, 917 915-0917

overworkedloon 56M
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9/12/2005 2:54 pm

Good luck. And be careful. I don't want to have to read about you in the paper unless it's about you winning the lotto.

mjchskr 40M

9/13/2005 12:22 am

lady on fire- have been trying to get with you. let's hook it up

lady_on_fire 45F

9/13/2005 6:10 am

yeah mjchskr, i can't email you a standard member sweetie.

rm_devilmed16 49M
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9/13/2005 7:14 am

day time fun works for me....would like to try to put your fire out ... would like to meet ?

RaytownRick 61M

9/13/2005 8:27 am

I read your blogs, and reviewed your profile. But you said you could e-mail someone and get a response. Guys (standard members) can't. Not even one-a-day. That may explain why you are getting winked at, but not e-mailed. I tried to e-mail you, but just get sent to the "upgrade your membership now" page. So unless I'm missing something, you are missing out because the system is designed that way. AdultFriendFinder

rm_LOVE2LICK583 58M

9/13/2005 11:04 am

lady on fire i'll put that fire out...i really love oral can't eat enough

lady_on_fire 45F

9/13/2005 11:34 am

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! I Live in Missouri.

rm_LOVE2LICK583 58M

9/14/2005 9:28 am

Hi...I live in illinois

lucasdavenport05 61M
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9/14/2005 9:52 pm

Hi Lady. I live in Kansas and would love to get together.

rm_mountaingw 57M

9/20/2005 5:12 am

Lady, have plenty of time during the day to meet. You sound exciting luv. How do we do that

rm_gvalleyguy 57M

9/26/2005 10:41 am

Hi lady, Im free during the day Im east of Kansas city a few miles. Let talk im a standard member so email me AdultFriendFinder

rm_gvalleyguy 57M

9/26/2005 10:43 am

Hi lady, Im free during the day Im east of Kansas city a few miles. Let talk im a standard member

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