Always a good time with Mr. R  

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10/11/2005 8:46 pm

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Always a good time with Mr. R

I have a special "friend", i'll call him Mr. R...he is very talented. If you get my drift. Not only is he good at my favorite, oral...but he is extremely sexy. But there is something about him that just turns me on and keeps me hot the entire time he is around me. His eyes, when he looks at me I can almost feel the heat. He always has a some adventurous thing he wants to do. Loves to roleplay, so we do some of the time. But the best time is when it all just comes together when he gets here. I can't wait to rip his clothes off and fuck him. Most the time, we don't even make it to my room. It is mostly on the couch, or the chair...sometimes the floor. Just depends on the mood that night. He loves all the things i do....oral, backwards cowgirl.....yee haw..Love that part.Especially when he grabs my ass. MMMMMMMMM.
His cock hits my insides and makes me tingle deep inside. He is thick enough to where when we attempt to do anal...its all good for a while, but then it starts to get rough. And he likes to play rough sometimes. Loves to grab my hair and spank my ass. I don't complain either.
But the best position has to be me riding him and looking into his eyes. He talks to me, tells me how good my pussy feels....and how he wants me to ride him harder. OH yeah...harder is hot.

Bad girl that I am..I decided that i wanted to suck his cock again. Yes i said it, after he has already stuck it in my pussy, i wanted to suck it. Its my own juices, why not? He got very turned on by it and when he did cum, he shot it clear to the back of my throat...WOW. A very heavy load. But i didnt' waste one drop of it. MMMMM. Can't wait to have him next week. Love our weekly lovefests.

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