A New Friend  

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11/16/2005 6:50 am

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A New Friend

We had been enjoying eachothers company alot lately. In and out of the bedroom. But when we are in the bedroom, well........its very hot. From him sucking and nibbling on my nipples, which has proven to stimulate me beyond mentioning. To me sucking his cock and making his body come alive. He even shaved down there...just for me
We are both very intense with our oral skills and we enjoy teasing the other. His body feels so good to me. So much body heat coming from him. He likes to run his fingers along my curves, slowly teasing me.
Our bodies are hot, and very sweaty. As i climb on top of him to ride him, his hands around my hips....moving them up to my breasts as he fondles me with anticipation of me sliding on top of him. As i slowly slide my body onto his cock, helping him to fully penetrate me......we both sigh with excited relief. Ahhhh, he has the perfect curve to him and he can hit my g spot with no problem at all. Every time we move together, my body trembles and a little squirt rolls out soaking him. His eyes get huge with each hot soaking. "unbelievable"he says

I enjoy this for some time. I like to be in control, but when he feels the need, he pushes me off and rolls me to my belly. He has me lay flat and enters me from behind. Moving my bottom so he can enter with no obstacles. I'm talking about anal, something that is very new to me.I've not really been a big anal fan, until this past week. Experiencing this with someone that was patient, and not trying to hurt me.
But he is so patient....so slow about it. He makes it feel good. And once our bodies are moving together, i rise to my knees and we start to move faster, harder. I let him really get at me then. Pushing himself deeper inside me with every thrust. we continue until he cums, he lays on top of me, still inside me. His legs are weak, so are mine.Both of us breathing so deeply....as he rolls off me, his eyes don't leave me. Telling me how incredible that was.

We rest for a while, waking up twice in the night for a few light adventures. Just enough to satisfy both of us. Then back to sleep we go. As the sun comes up the next morning, i wake him with a wonderful BJ........something he was very surprised to get. But oh so happy to receive. WE both performed oral........69 position to be exact for a while. I let my juices flow a few times, he stayed there, tasting them and taking them in. As he came in my mouth and i continued with my sucking, fingering other unknown areas around his backside. We couldnt' seem to get enough of eachother before we both had to get up and get on with our day. I would much rather just stay in bed and play with him all day. But oh well, there will be more time to play another day.

charmed4life 40M
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11/16/2005 7:22 am

Thats great

So Lady-on-fire, it seems like the house is on fire great going

I`m always happy when a woman is pleased or pleasured, guess I`m made like that......coz I pleasure my women too endlessly

Take care & enjoy.....keep me posted on what more pleasure means to you

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11/16/2005 7:50 am

Hello darling,
Came across your journal and it looked interesting.
Great writing.

rm_bobo55c 61M
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11/18/2005 9:16 am

Whew .. you sound too good to be true. Loved your discription about your passions. would like to know you better!

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