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12/9/2005 9:50 am

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Hi everyone

The purpose of my blog is to share experiences and tips on female ejaculation or g-spot orgasms as they also are called. Personally I have had some very mixed experiences from embarassment (the first time) to complete extasy (the time I orgasmed about 20 times in a two hour period) Wow. So if anyone is interested or has an experience to share don't hesitate to jump in.

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12/9/2005 11:24 am

Hello, I just happened upon your blog as your title caugt my eye. I havn't blogged anything, mostly just reading; but I just have to do this.

My best orgasm was when I squirted all over my husbands tounge and fingers. I was a little embarrased because I thought I had just peed all over his face. But his encouraging voice and the fingering of my hot spot, which was so swollen had me totally into the build up of my most exhilirating, nerve tingling, body racking orgasm I have ever experienced.

We enjoyed sipping wine and watching some very erotic women lick and kiss each other while rubbing and toying around with various pleasure aids. I imagined being among those women using one of my toys, while my husband kissed and licked my back, shoulders, and neck. While his toung made its way slowly down to my now dripping wet pussy, his finger were gently scratching the inside of my thighs and sliding over the surface of my outer lips. My new dildo he had given me was gently massaging my clit which was now burning, sending electric shocks to my brain. As I layed back on our sofa, proped on pillows, I raised my leg over the back. This allowed him to slide my bottom to the front edge and open me up to his hungry mouth.

Since my husband has beautiful long black hair, it was easy to watch the women on the screen and imagine the dark haired girl who was eating that beautiful wet pussy was doing it to me as well. My dildo now under his control, was alternating with his toung as he rimmed me with it. His other hand had two fingers strumming my hot spot while his thumb pressed and rubbed my clit. Between pulling his hair, squeezing and tugging on my nipples, and bucking my hips as spasms shook me, I had no idea what was to cum. I had given up trying to keep my eyes open, as lighting bolts flashed across my closed eye lids, in order to continue watching the hot sexy video scenes. But the sounds of happy sex and visons of pleasure running around inside my head made me more intoxicated and wanting to flood her heavy hot voice with all my cum needing to be released.

And then it bent me like a wave, hitting me from behind, bending my back. My toes curled, my muscles clenched and I squirted forever it seemed. Electric bolts shot out of my head and my body became so sensitive. I realized what had just happened and suddenly became horrified, then confused, as my husband sat at my feet licking his lips and my pussy saying how great it was to have me cum all over his face and body like that.

I had three more orgasms that nite and was completely drained.

luv and kisses

hatsue1tsu 59F
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12/9/2005 11:26 am

I would luv to hear your first squirting experience.

ladeysquirter 53M/53F

12/11/2005 7:59 pm

Well my first time was kind of embarassing. It happened when my boyfriend at the time and I were making out and petting on the couch. Believe it or not I was 19 and still a virgin. I had some experience with boys but not much and the most excitement I would get would be from playing with myself as I read romance novels mmmmmmmmmmm. Anyway we were making out hot and heavy. He was rubbing my pussy through my jeans and I was stroking his hard cock in his pants. I always got very wet when excited but this time even more so and I could feel my pussy get so swollen and hot. It was so intense. It sent me over the edge when he started to orgasm in his pants. He was moaning and trying to stop my hand but I kept stroking and he had little choice but to explode. When i felt the wet spot forming under my hand I lost control myself. It was sooooooooooo hot not to mention wet. I honestly thought I'd peed and quickly ran to the bathroom (Luckily we were at my house). I changed clothes and never mentioned it to him when I came back out. Didn't really know what to say. That was the last orgasm I let myself have until hubby number two came along....... Do you want to hear more????? Let me know

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12/12/2005 12:55 am


rm_erotikfuncpl 55M/52F

12/16/2005 10:40 am

Great Blog.
I met my girlfriend Kate on this site and we have had a lot of fun since. The one thing that I was able to introduce her to was the female ejaculation. She had never had one before now.
I have been lucky enough (or skilled enough) to induce this type of orgasm in 4 or 5 women over the years. I think most women hold back on this type of orgasm due to possible embarrasement.
The thing that makes Kate's ejaculation (squirt) unique is the large amount of fluid that comes out of her when she orgasms this way. We generally make love for over an hour. And, by the time we are finished, the bed is soaked! We have taken to placing a comforter over the bed, and then towels on top of the comforter. In order to make her squirt, I generally have to use my right hand, lying next to her, with her lying on her right side, with her on her back, and two or three of my fingers inside her pussy, moving quickly against her G Spot. This ALWAYS induceds a squirting orgasm for her.
She has told me that when she talks to her girlfriends, she now can describe 3 totally separate types and feelings of orgams. She has the clitoral, the vaginal and now the g spot squirt. She has told me that each one feels 100% different as it courses through her body. There are times, especially when she is kneeling facing me, with me on my back, my right hand fingers deep up inside of her, that she will begin to let loose a steady stream of juice. She tells me that this is one very very long orgasm. We have gotten to the point, and she knows her body now enough, that I can induce this type of squirting orgasm in her in less than 20 seconds! Occasionally, she can also have this squirting orgasm if she is on top, squatting on my cock and moving her hips up and down. Also, recently, she has begun shooting her juice 9 or 10 inches from her pussy. Most of the time, when she cums this way, she feels light headed for a few minutes afterward and needs to catch her breath.
At first she thought she might be peeing. But, she has purposely emptied her bladder before sex to make sure, and the fluid is not coming from the same area, rather it is coming from deep inside her pussy. It is definitly not pee.
Anyway, I wanted to share this with you all as I love to give her this type of orgam along with the other 2 types.
Women are simply amazing! I only wish men could have this!
We are currently working on the elusive 4th type of orgam that some women can get via anal intercourse.

ladeysquirter 53M/53F

12/19/2005 6:53 am

Sounds like you and Kate have a great relationship at least in the sex department for sure. I will have to say 9 or 10 inches for distance isn't bad but I have actually shot about 8 feet when really excited. It literally sprays Tim's chest if I'm on top. Also my pussy contracts so hard his cock is forced out along with all the juices.

I also had the pee worry and have emptied my bladder completely before sex with the same results. It's definitely NOT urine.

As for the anal orgasm you talk out I love to have Tim's thumb in my ass as he licks my wet pussy. He strokes the area between my pussy and ass from the inside and I gush like crazy. Maybe you can try that way. When he has his cock up my ass and his fingers in my pussy that also works great. Hope this helps



12/21/2005 9:58 am

Tina and others on here...Hello, I too just happened upon your blog, and although I also havn't blogged anything, mostly just reading, I just had to offer some thoughts.

I hope you don't mind a male perspective and/or input about multiple orgasms and squirting orgasms... I am told that I am a very non-typical male, in a variety of positive ways, but among them is that I get most of my own personal sexual satisfaction and incredible hard, lasting erection from the pleasure and satisfaction of my partner. I can totally relate to the experiences you all describe above, and I can tell you from THIS male's perspective that it is hugely satisfying and thrilling to be able to 'listen' to a woman's body, and to 'feel' or sense how she is reacting, responding, or truly 'feeling' certain touches, movements, sensations, locations, and where she is in her sexual excitement and stimulation. To be able to respond to, and even anticipate (particularly thru new exploration), her increasing pleasure AND diverse desired/pleasurable touches, positions, movements, etc is SUCH a huge turn on and is so emotionally rewarding - it is such a key part of being 'partners' together in making love/having sex, rather than simply 'participants'. I have learned SO much about being a giving, satisfying lover, but most of all as I said, to 'listen to' my partner's body, her breathing, her words & sounds, and our skin-to-skin contact - ESPECIALLY in discovering her best/favorite erotic zones/spots and how she likes to be touched, kissed, licked, stroked, or whatever. I can tell you again, from this male's perspective, that it is truly extraordinary to sense and feel and share with my partner her growing arousal and pleasure, especially when I discover just the 'right way' she likes to be touched, licked or caressed, in just the right spot(s) or in combination (oral plus touch/stroking) - deep inside her, and/or finding that G-spot particular to her, and/or being sensitive to her clitoral area's senstivities, preferences, and 'triggers' - like an orchestra leader, being aware of and guiding each instrument, each musical note, the pace and tempo, all of the senses, leading to that amazing 'crescendo' which makes her gasp, scream, moan, writhe, even cry/weep...

Bringing my partner to multiple (MANY!) intense orgasms - of different kinds and intensity and localized or whole-body mind-blowing ones - is an honor and a pleasure, a form of worshipping at your altar of desire, fantasy, sensation, and need. And it is such a wonderfully exciting, stimulating, and rewarding experience, TOGETHER, to explore and to discover different physical positions and actions, in which I can stimulate multiple orgasms for her.

And yes, the first time I experienced my partner squirting, indeed GUSHING, over my mouth/tongue and/or my fingers, it was a surprise. But it was a pleasant one indeed, and I only wanted her to feel GOOD about it, NOT embarrassed in any way! This was so natural and truly spontaneous, that I could not wait for her to cum again & again, squirting and gushing all over both of us. And I understand as well that each one is different in one way or another, which is just so wonderful to know, and so amazing to listen to her describe them to me...Ultimately, I truly believe that these truly deep, intense, powerful, and wonderfully satisfying & liberating sexual explosions and fulfillment are but one way that the universe pays homage to the uniqueness of a woman and provides her with at least SOME of the best rewards she richly deserves!

Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your blog.
Happy holidays!

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