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9/2/2005 3:49 pm

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Random bantering.

I had an epiphany today, people seem to talk to me more now that I have a picture on my profile. Do my looks truely matter that much?

obcine conversations, and heartless flattery get you no where in my book. Intelligence plays a key role in gaining my intreigue.

Is it truely THAT intimidating that a woman would have a brain, rather than being simply breasts and a wet hole?.

I have had far too much go on in my life to truely care whether or not I am "attractive" to another person. Because quite frankly , I don't care...

In my opinion, men are a dime a dozen. It is the good ones that seem to be that lost lucky coin. I had one once you know, my roommate- and now best friend.

I thought we had something good, but trust me- a relationship based on pure logic does NOT work. In the end, I fell for him and didn't receive the same courtesy from him. We couldn't make it through after living with one another.

Perhapse it is because I am too god-damned clingey? Or that he felt obligated to stay at home- when quite on the contrary I enjoy my time alone. I like to think about things, and the way life is. What makes things tick, and the meaning for life.

I suppose things like that don't matter now, and why I am emptying my soul onto this blog I will never know.

Just know this, if you are looking for just a wet hole, you will not find it here....

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