Oh no! A D-Day!  

laceteddy_2001 32F
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10/17/2005 6:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh no! A D-Day!

Today I must say was worse than saturday, I can deal with snobbish customers fairly well- as I simply brush them asside and hope they don't come back.

However, I still have to work with the idiots in management in the SANDY Walmart. *sigh* They are all pompus blow-hards who don't give a flying fuck about their employees.

You know two posts ago? Aliens in my tummy?.. Well, I ended up going to a doctor last week- and found out I had an infection in my uteris (Pain beyond all recconing), and a cold on top of that. So, I took the week off , MOST jobs won't chastise you for that.

BUT! WALMART, the corporate giant and major monopoly seems to think that six days in a year is more than enough if you get sick . That is how long I have worked there now, and have unfortunately missed twelve...

Two days off: Because I had to take my dad up to his doctor to get his bone marrow transplant done, and his chemo treatments. She asked me why my MOM couldn't drive him. Its plausable, but.. She already knew my mother has Multipul Sclerosis, and is thusly wheel-chair bound, and they do not have hand controls in their van. .. So, tell me.. Is it better that I work TWO days out of the year so WALMART doesn't get a thorn in its giant muddy paw, or that I take my father, who has been a great insperation to me to the doctor so he can get well enough so we don't have to worry about him passing on us?

Then, Five days were taken off after I had inhailed a cleaning chemical called SPITFIRE , at work which has been PROVEN to give respitory problems in people with weak lungs. I had reported the pain, and rash I had gotten from it and they didn't let me go to THEIR doctor right away. Instead I had to wait until the next day, SUNDAY on my day off and throw a fit to the manager before Sheila took me to the ER (When there she was a bitch, but what else could she be?). I had a doctors note, that I couldn't go back for five days because the chemical had caused a severe case of bronkitis. WOW! Fun! (Sheila was there, it was THEIR fault, why am I getting chastised over this one?)

And now lastly, I woke up last monday morning bearly able to move. I tried to work through the day, but ended up having to go home because I was vomiting in the bathroom half of the time, and quite frankly its not fair to make them pay for me being in the bathroom the whole day. Sooo, I went to the doctors ( A friend from work took me ) and She made me into a pin cusion. She told me I couldn't go back to work until Friday (which is my day off so I went back saturday). I got the note to my asst manager Sheila shortly after my appointment with the doctor, (Same day) and I filled in the days I missed with my Sick Leave. (isn't a doctors note and sick leave suppost to protect you?)

So, after all that was said and done Cindy, my OTHER assistant manager called me into her offace shortly after my lunch when she got there. She told me that she was giving me a D- Day Which is a Decision making day (Do I want to work at walmart?) And pretty much an assignment to write ON paper an apology to the company, and WHY I want to work at Walmart. Granted, its a paid day, but it is a stupid reason!.Quite frankly I DONT want to work at Walmart. I want another job. I am sick of the drama. I am tired of everything. She also had the NERV to tell me that I don't do anything..

I pull freight for the apperal secton. For those who shop at WALMART , How big is the apparal section?... its half of the damnd store. Of course she can't find me when she needs to. You know why? ... Because I have a BIG area to cover, and I have to pull EVERYTHING for Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls, Infants, Lingerie, and Accessories. so, you tell me.. HOW I can be in one spot at a time?.. I am tempted to Page her EVERY time I move to a differant section of the department.

Enough of my rant.. I have one word for Walmart



10/18/2005 2:22 am

Hmm, feel better? Sounds like you've had a rough week. Well, it actually sounds like you've had a rough year. I hope things get better. And from one former Walmart Employee to a another, the hell with them.

rm_Egamst4k 32M

10/21/2005 5:53 am

Yeeeeesh... Wal-Mart deserves a 20' pole.

xws69 46M
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10/21/2005 5:37 pm

Lace....it's your turn!
Have you quit yet?


10/22/2005 9:32 am

Well, I'm sure you have some complications with being bipolar, but if you stay on your meds and find someone who'll support you, you'll do just fine. I wish you the best, love to talk with you soon.

PlzMakeMeSquirt 51M

11/14/2005 8:12 am

I know this was a month ago already, but I am just now checking out blogs on this site. I am glad to see you standing up for yourself. There are better places to work than Walmart. From a labor point of view, they have a history of treating their employees poorly. I also know that anyone can do better than Walmart for a job. Best Wishes~

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