D-i-s-c-e--P-a-t-a-i (learn to suffer)  

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11/21/2005 7:51 pm

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D-i-s-c-e--P-a-t-a-i (learn to suffer)

Though work was going fine for the first few hours today, I was doing great to tell you the truth. Re-vamping section by section the look of ladies p.j's and getting complimented. .

It took a turn for the worst on my way back in from my 15 min break, when my mom called.. The cancer my dad has been fighting for the past two years, has come back for a third time in less than two months from the last bout. . We have NO idea what we are going to do..

I spent a half hour sheading tears to the assistant managers, and the managers- with them telling me I need to go home, and viset and spend time with my father and me arguing that cindy would fire me. However, they all assured me that this was an unusual circumstance, and that I needed to go- and deal with what was going on.

So, I did.. I went to my parents home, the second I walked in hugged my father.. Tears streaming down my face, all I could say was I love you..

I not only worry about my fathers life, but my mothers as well- she has multipul sclerosis.. I just don't know which dirrection out family is going.. :\

rm_manonmain 37M

11/21/2005 10:25 pm

My mother has had MS for over 14 years and is doing amazingly well. She hits the gym and does what she can do plus has a great diet. Does you mom take avonex? Things will work out...

rm_manonmain 37M

11/22/2005 2:51 pm

Well good that she is off avonex it made my mother worse as well...as far as your father goes I can only imagine your pain...Can I do anything for you?

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