The Poison Dream; Exerpt from Chapter 6  

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The Poison Dream; Exerpt from Chapter 6

Lana, who had accompanied us, clapped her hands in delight, round face beaming, “I knew you would love it! Your Uncle insisted Jennifer. We have paid the difference for the penthouse. Hopefully, we have also left a balance enough for your meals. Oh, and we must take you shopping.”
“Oh, but Aunt Lana, there’s nothing I need, really.” I exclaimed. “The rooms are beautiful and James, M.J., Kendra, and I do appreciate everything you and Uncle Derrick have done.
The two men nodded their agreement as Kendra stepped forward to take the tiny woman in her arms, “Yes, Lana, this is more than I dreamed of on a working trip.”
“Nonsense, you young folk work hard, need some luxury for a change. And I have a feeling you will need some things before you leave to go home Jennifer.” Lana replied a little flustered from Kendra’s warm hug, winking at James. “Well, I should let you kids get some rest before it’s time to get ready for dinner. Remember, we will meet in the bar before we leave for dinner. Bye all, get some rest.” In a flurry of color she turned to the door and was gone.
Flabbergasted we all looked at each other for a moment before James tipped the bellhop and turned to us smiling, “Well, should we look around a bit, pick rooms maybe?”
Stepping down into the living area to find plush bluish-gray carpet beneath our feet. James and I entered the room on the right while Kendra and M.J. went to the room on the left. James and I found our feet immersed in thick cream carpet. Looking up to the bed to find a black four poster bed draped with a soft pastel orange sheer fabric. The bed was covered with a slightly darker pastel orange comforter; the bedding turned down to reveal cream colored sheets trimmed with lace and pillows in an assortment of creams and oranges. To the right was the bathroom, which turned out to be big enough for at least four people. The floor was tiled in a creamy yellow while the walls were a dull white. Brass fixtures and towel racks met our eyes. The tub was big enough for two to relax comfortably and the shower was enclosed in glass. I’m sure I could’ve laid down comfortably if I’d tried to.
As I stepped out of the bathroom Kendra hurried to me, face beaming and grabbed my hand. “You and James need the other room,” she supplied, dragging me toward the next room.
The decision has been taken out of our hands,” M.J. winked at James as he picked up his and Kendra’s bags to head for the room James had just vacated.
I took a deep breath as I entered the other room. “Oh, my!” I breathed as my feet sank into plush hunter green carpeting, cream walls, and a wrap around bed covered in a satiny black comforter. Once again the bed was turned down, this time to reveal pastel green sheets and pillows in black and greens to match.
“These are your colors!” Kendra gushed. “And look at this closet!” She demanded as she threw the double doors open to reveal a walk-in closet that ran the length of the room. “Oh, and don’t forget the bathroom!”
I once again found myself being pulled across the room and in through another doorway. The floor was done in a light sea-green color and the tiles from there to the ceiling the colors got deeper shades of green; the ceiling was a pale blue. The fixtures were done in a tarnished gold and the towel racks were a pale color of wood. The tub looked like it was a hot tub built for four. There was another shower surrounded with glass, but this one was about two thirds of the size of the other one.
“She’s right love; all your colors.” James said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind, resting his head on top of mine. Lowering his voice, “Imagine how this bathroom would look with no light but some candles, that hot tub running; it’d look like we were out on the ocean in the moonlight.”

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We think that reading the entire novel would be great.. hope to read more..

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very nice jade cant wait either


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