Love Affair  

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Love Affair

Part I

“Love, I want to have an affair with you,” Becca whispered after she’d snuggled herself against his warm lean chest.
Settling his arm around the plumpness of her curves Tony replied with a chuckle, “We can’t have an affair you silly goose! We already belong to each other.”
She turned her tousled auburn head up to smile into his white-blue eyes, “Oh, yes we can,” she replied with a suggestive twinkle in her own dark eyes. “This weekend we’ll take the kids to the daycare. We’ll meet as strangers at the bar; dance a couple of close sexy dances and come home to have our affair. Now doesn’t that make you hot?”
“Mmm, very, very hot darlin’,” he answered lowering his dark sun kissed head to meet her full lips. “An affair this weekend doesn’t take care of my hunger now.”
“I find I’m hungry too,” she replied finding the tender spot just below his ear with a nip and caress of the tongue. “I’m hungry for this spot too.” She said moving lower to lave attention to the spot just under his collarbone. She took her time stimulating his nipples with tongue and teeth, then moving back up to the spot under the collarbone because she always loved the spicy taste of him.
“Mmm, Becca darlin’, you’re going to drive me crazy,” Tony stated dragging his fingers down her back.
Breath coming faster, her back arched in response to the shivers racing down her back, pressing silk covered breasts into his chest. “Hm, does seem to have its advantages.” Lifting up on elbow to smile into his eyes, “I wonder how this would affect you then.” She traced his lips with the forefinger of her right hand. With a light caress, she allowed her finger to follow the path her mouth had just taken. Watching his eyes darken from the outside of the iris in toward the pupil, she circled his right nipple before pinching and moving to his navel.
Feeling tremors run through his body, she got up to move between his long muscular legs then kneel down and kiss and nip at his bellybutton before grasping his thick hard cock in her right hand and moving lower with her mouth. Soft hair tickled his stomach as she licked the tip before taking his shaft into her mouth, licking as she moved down to the base.
A groan escaped from Tony as he gathered her hair to hold tightly out of his view. “Thank you for my woman Aphrodite. Oh, Becca!” He sighed as his spasms ran through him, thrusting his cock further into her warm mouth.
Pleasure ran through her at his prayer to one of her gods; prompting her to take his balls into her left hand and roll them as she retreated up his shaft, sucking and allowing teeth to graze his tender skin.
Moans came from him as he used the grip he had on her hair to set the rhythm. When his whole body began to tremble, he knew he was going to cum. Once again used the grip he had on her hair to pull her up to him for a kiss, “I need you now Becca.”
In response she startled him, guiding his pulsing shaft inside her moist warmth. Breaking the kiss, she sat up and began to rock, head thrown back and hands resting on his chest.
“Oh, yes Becca!” He growled grasping her hips bringing her down hard on his shaft.
Both of their breathing came out in pants and moans as sweat trickled between her breasts to mingle with his pooling on his chest; she riding him as hard and fast as she could and he pulling her to him. Becca collapsed on his chest and panted into Tony’s neck, “I need you harder than I can ride you love,” and licked at his neck to taste.
Claiming her lips with his own he wrapped her in his arms, then sat up and broke the kiss to drape her legs over his shoulders. He pinned her arms to the bed, biting and kissing the inside of her calf as he started moving inside her. As he increased the pressure and speed of his thrusts he looked at her auburn hair spread across his pillow as she watched him, brown eyes sparkling with love, “Is this what you needed my precious witch?”
“Oh, blessed be Pele, for you have given me a man who must truly be a god!” she cried trying to meet him thrust for thrust.
Tony buried himself in Becca’s quivering warmth and allowed her legs to fall from his shoulders so he could bury his face in her silky hair, breathing in the perfume she brewed for herself as he emptied his essence into her.
He moved from her to lay back and settle her against is side with her head under his chin and a hand absently caressing his chest. “I’ll meet you at your favorite spot at nine Friday night,” he volunteered as he stroked his fingers through her hair.
“Hmm, perfect,” she mumbled, already drifting off to sleep as she snuggled closer.

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