The real state agent  

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11/17/2005 6:28 am

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The real state agent

Those who have read my earlier posts will know that I recently moved to Kumamoto.
I went through a real state agent to get my actual flat, and was attended this quite attractive (following my standards) woman.
Let's say she did not make the best first impression, but since then, she has been really helpful, and really nice.

I have started fantasizing about her, visiting empty appartments, teasing her while she was explaining me the facilities of the flat.

Finally, when she opens the window to the balcony, I grab her by the arms.
She is a bit shocked, but as she looks in my eyes, she understands what I want. She turns her back to me, sighing with a pleasure.
I have her neck visible, as her hair is tied in a pony tail, and kiss it sensually, going slowly towards the back of her ear.

She likes it but realizes that we are on the balcony, so she shuts the window and goes towards the inside of the room to show me the "o shire".
I'm thinking how much I would have liked her to be wearing a skirt, to insert my hand under it as she was opening the upper shelves.
But it doesn't matter, as she stretches to reach the top, I put my hands around her, actually on the sides of her thighs, and follow the form of her body with the tip of my fingers. She tries to ignore it as she can all the way through her thighs, but I can feel her body trembling. It gets worse as I get closer to her breasts (I notice her nipples hardening through her blouse).
I caress the side of her face, as she tilts to her right (away from me), her hair, and my hands leave her body.

As my hands were ready to make the same path on the opposite direction, she turns around and kisses me with passion that I could not have imagined her of. Actually such is her desire to relieve the sexual tension that we both created since entering the flat, that she throws me down on the floor. It was not her intention, we're both surprised, laugh loud, but immediately turn silent again as we remember why we are on the floor. We continue to kiss passionately with our hands concentrating on each others face and hair.

I want more so I take off her jacket, and caress her back through her blouse.
I get my torso up, she's sitting on me face to face. I unbutton her blouse. She's hesitant as the flat has no curtains, but it's the second floor and only the 3rd and 4th floor opposite the road might be able to see something. She lets me do.

She's in her bra... I take off my shirt, and hug her for both of us to feel each other's skin. It's warm, it's inviting for more...

I kiss her lips, her cheeks, her neck, I put let her bra slide a little allow ing me to see more of her breast, and finally the famous nipple, big and round, calling for my mouth and toungue.
She likes that. After taking due care of the left breast, she points my head to the right one.
After obliging, and take off her bra.

I change her position, she is not on me anymore. She lies down awaiting my next move.
I first undo her ponytail and kiss her all over the upper body. I'm getting closer to the hips. The trousers are still on... it's time to take them off, as well as her socks.
I kiss her calfs as I point her legs up to shoulders. This allows me to caress her innerthighs. I go back up to her upper body, but not to far, her belly button is the centre of attention of my toungue, but my hands are still caressing her inner thighs. My lips and toungue replace my fingers, and she shrivers everyime I get close to her flower.

I realised that this was a really long post already and there is still a lot to my fantasy, so I will continue next week after I come back from Tokyo (who knows I might have another story to tell then).

I will however tell you why I started writing about this fantasy and not others. The reason is that I discovered that there was an e-mail adress on her name card, and started writing to her thanking her for her attention, but everytime enquiring about something different. After 2 times, I confessed that I was just bringing up things to have a reason to contact her, and that I wanted to invite her out to make up for pestering.
She has accepted, and seems to be looking forward to it. It will be nice to meet her regardless, but I might be telling you soon about facts rather than fantasies.

Wish me luck!
Any advice is welcome as well (I should be fine but pointers have never hurt anybody)

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