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10/26/2005 10:25 am

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First Post

I will not explain about my past, but will rather just use this blog as a diary.

I'm still in Tokyo, getting "ready" to go to Kumamoto.

As I was coming back from work at a stupidly late time (12:30), I met a neighbour.

Actually I first met her about 3 years ago on a speed date, we repeated date, and left it like that as she was looking for a serious relationship.

I met her again by chance in my neighborhood as she was moving in. It gave us the opportunity to meet again, this time in the intimity of my house and we had our share of fun.
However, again, me not promising a relationship, it did not continue.

Today, we were face to face, remembering the times we met.
It is weird as I have a GF (albeit her being at the other end of the world) and she is very protective about the importance of relationships, but I'm sure there was a moment.

I was so horny (my big problem) and really wanted to kiss her, but disappointingly didn't do anything.
Oh well! It probably would have been a bad idea.

Hope though I have the opportunity for some fun quite soon.

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