Update on my young man  

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2/18/2006 10:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Update on my young man

How do I start this one? If you've followed the blogs about the 18 yr old, then you shouldn't have any problems following this story if I cut it short.

Once more it was he, I and the other person. We ended up parking, chilling, talking, and I sit there wonder why on earth I'm with them at their age. And then I remember, no head games, straight to the point.

Cutting to the chase now: I pretended to be sick and got out of the car, went to the back... he got out of the car and came back to "check" on me. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth. Something I had been wanting since he bent me over the hood of the car, to taste him... and now I could. I just took every inch of him, and let him just fuck my mouth. And then add extra thrill of knowing someone is in the car, could get out any minute to check on me too and catch us.

After that orgasm he told me to pretend that I was so sick I just needed to lie down. (He was in the back seat.) So I got in the back seat and told him I needed to lay down, maybe he should go up front. He declined and said "just lay your head down and breath deep, you'll be fine". And I had the pleasure of making him cum 2 more times while the other person was driving. I have never seen a man with a cock that doesn't get soft!!

After the last orgasm he told me to pull my head away from his lap so it would get soft. So I layed my head up on his chest, and he cradled me. So sweet, tender.... even though he was very demanding with the blowjobs... holding my head, forcing his cock all the way in, barely letting me breath, then shooting deep into my throat. The controlled roughness that he displayed during the blowjobs, then going from that to holding me gently, whispering in my ears, telling me he would take care of everything again the next time we were together. A young man who knows how to be in control when needed, and yet make it so pleasurable that you yearn for more. Control and tenderness....

I think "wow" and "I can't wait for more" sums it up.

And the interesting thing is...
Someone from this site was suppose to call and meet me, but he didn't. If he had, I would have missed an opportunity that I had been wanting for so long now. To that person, if you're reading this.... Thank you for not being able to get away from your g/f... you just helped another fantasy come true for me.

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