So there's this one man  

kyrayne 53F
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1/29/2006 5:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

So there's this one man

Now I must tell you about a gentleman that I have became aquainted with recently. Met him a couple weeks ago, and no, not from this site. Just by accident in town. Now, this is a man that will draw any womans attention.

Intelligent, yes. Physically attractive, yes. Confident, yes. But the sexual tension that just thrives around him is enough to just make a woman melt if she would allow herself. He looks at me, and I want him. He talks, and I want him. Is this a normal reaction for me to take with a man? Could be depending on how horny I am... LOL

But for me to just be so sexually attracted to him that I would forget about everything else planned for the night is simple: He has peeked the curiosity level to a new height. Which once more takes us back to something that I am very interested in... the human mind and it's operations.

It goes to show that if a person is confident in themself, not cocky, but sure, confident of themself, the energy that they put forth is so magnetic that it will draw people right to them. Proof that confidence means you really don't have to work so hard to draw the attention of the oppostie sex? I don't know.... I just know it's as sexy as hell.

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