Moveing time, chattering nonesense, why bother talking?  

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8/13/2005 8:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Moveing time, chattering nonesense, why bother talking?

I really hate moveing. I always wait to the last minute to boz everything up and the place is such a mess while doing it. Funny then isn't it that I have moved every year for the past 5. Five years already damned time goes fast.

Anyone remember when time seemed so slow? Summer was forever, and school was never an issue because it was never comeing again. I wonder what about our preceptions changes time so much? Well I supose it only proves that time is not a truely mesureable concept only experianced as a unavoidable effect of liveing inside the universe with rules. I wonder if time exists to the universe as a whole or simply is an effect of it. time must always exist, or must it? is it linked to matter... energy... entropy?

I'm giveing myself a headache.

I want to get well fucked in the worst way. My girlfriend is too busy with her drug of choice (World of Warcraft) to even notice I'm around. That and our opposing sceduals means it back to old hands on training for me for a while. Which is ok for presure release but just doesn't give any satisfaction, not that sex really does eather but its somewhat more stimulateing. Maybe once we are moved things will pan out a little bit. I hate this duplex. Liveing in the country maybe spoiled me but I can not live this close to humanity pressing all around me. I can hear and taste, and sense them constantly. It makes me sick with emotional overspill.

To top it off today some useless church organization decided to have a cook out or some damn thing in a park half a block away. Fine great, no trouble to me except they are blasting their love god worship and happiness crap louder than a collage frat party. I'm going to go over there and warm them to turn it down before I call the police. They are on public land and have every right to hold their little shindig, but when it becomes them disturbing private residences, they loose that right.

My rights, in my own home, on my own property superceed the rights of anyone else around me. Anyone, in their own home should have the right to not have to put up with anyone else. Home is the only sactuary, no matter small we humans have from this disaster we call modern society, we need to have it be a place where we are at peace.

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