A new beginning? On an ending?  

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8/5/2005 8:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A new beginning? On an ending?

Well here I am, and there you are, now that we know our respective locations, let me clear up something... this may very well be the only post I ever make. I have had other on-line journals before at Diaryland, they lasted matter of months before failing. They are still there and viewable to the best of my knowledge. Ask nice and I might let you see them. Anyone care to give an opinion? Maybe I should change my main picture to a less X rated one, then people can look at the nude ones by clicking them. Not sure. Maybe instead I should just keep shuffling my main pic around so its always different. Well I can figure it out later. Payday today. I really love payday, makes the big scary bills less threatening. Living month to month cash wise is starting to get a little grating. Maybe I should sell my body for cash *wink* No probably not. I'll keep punchin away at the part time job and maybe things will happen, at least until I'm interested in returning to collage.

Post script. IESpell is a godsend program. Whatever god sent it. THANK YOU!!!

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