Havefun2nte? Yes, I'd love to darling.....  

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6/15/2005 5:28 pm

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Havefun2nte? Yes, I'd love to darling.....

Thanks for the wink yesterday babe, and all the way form West Virginia too; not exactly a local girl to Bowling Green, but nevertheless very welcome to hear from you! I fired one right back at ya!

Do try to catch me on AdultFriendFinder's IM Chat screen one night, I'll leave a light on and you can just page me, OK? We are in the same time zone, I think. Or am I going to have to resort to sticking my Yahoo IM simoniz101 details all over the place? It may come to that yet.

Maybe you travel and come through BG sometimes? It's all a mystery right now, but a delicious one, and those are the best ones....help me solve it.

Don't forget the new Son Volt CD is out on July 12, I have heard some tracks already and it's a gem. Their DVD from Live at Austin City Limits has just been released too, with the original line up, it's great!

And while you're browsing, pick up Fall Out Boy's new CD too, it's fantastic, just as good as their first one. This is Emo without the Screamo; intelligent lyrics and smart guitar work.

The editor reminds me that this is supposed to be an Adult blog, so I will just end by saying TITS AND BUMS AND CLITS AND DICKS!

So there! (Denied)

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