PEOM:What Does Love Mean To You?  

kwnightwalker2 43M
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8/25/2006 3:30 pm
PEOM:What Does Love Mean To You?

What Does Love Mean To You?

Love ‒ is one of the most popular word anywhere
Mention the word Love in a crowd or to a group
You are sure to get their undivided attention
Love means many things to many people
He and she are in love, they are in love
What is this word they call ‒ love?
Do we have to sleep with each other?
In order to demonstrate our love
Some say, not necessarily so, because
There is parental love, brotherly love
Sisterly love, and love of one’s neighbour
There are also marital love and family love
Many say it is only sexual love that involves
Sleeping with each other or going to bed
Then, how do you define love?
It is love that turns tears into laughter
It is love to care very much for our family
It is love to give something to the poor
It is love to be generous to beggars
It is love to help the needy and the destitute
It is love to remember the homeless
When we are about to lie down in our home
It is love to remove obstacles and impediments
From the path of our neighbours
It is love to put ourselves in the position
Of others before we behave to them
It is love not to close our eyes or walk-away
When we see injustice been perpetrated
It is love to recognize that we human beings
Are not equally talented and gifted
By the way, what does love mean to you?


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