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9/16/2005 11:42 am

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tryed writing

As I was walking down the dark street deep in thought, I didn't notice where I was until I tripped on a stone and found myself in a dark secluded alley. Not sure where I was or how I had gotten there, I started to look closer at my surroundings. There were houses on either side but little detail could be seen. I walked on up the alley going to the next street to get my bearings. About midway, the house i was walking past, lights came on. I turned at the sight,startled but before me was something that startled me even more. With the curtains wide open and window partially opened i saw a woman with her top over her head and her mid sized breasts dangling. I never thought of myself as a peeping tom but I was riveted to the sight. She was neither fat or slim just plump and the size of her nipples were as big as silver dollars.

She bent over a stereo and turned it on, and began a slow dance right before my eyes. I was mesmerized at the sight and backed further into the shadows. She slowly undulated her hips as she slowly began to caress her arms and neck. As the slow melodic tune played on she began to slowly slide her hands down her side and back to her breasts that were now pointed with small marble nipples. She slowly encircled them with her finger tips inching each in turn gently, as she continued to rhythmically dance around the room.

The music changed to a slow heavy based tune and as it did she slowly started working her hands down her stomach and sides, with her eyes lightly closed and her mouth puckered into a kiss with no one there to receive it, she slowly unrolled her tongue and gently, softly licked her lips as she continued to lower her hands.

I watched mesmerized by the show i was seeing and couldn't look away, i was aroused as never before, the forbidden looking at something not meant for me, the music pounding in my soul and the fluidity's of her moves all held me to the spot.

Her fingers finally reached the band of her short skirt and slowly ran her fingers around the band. She finally reached the clasp in back and slowly started to lower the skirt down, inch by agonizing inch still swaying to the music, and lightly with a feather touch stroking her legs as she bent to take them from her feet. She was bent towards me and her breasts swung free and as she turn to toss the skirt onto the bed the pale blue panties suddenly came into view, if you could call them viewed. They were nearly transparent and didn't hide the small trimmed patch of hair that was shaped as a triangle with the point down.

Once again the music changed and as it did she caressed her breasts with one hand and started to caress the panties with the other. she started to slowly lick her finger tips of the one hand as she gently rubbed across the material below. She slowly turned as she danced and I was rewarded with the sight on two fabulously formed moons, that extended out from the material. I gasped at the sight and stepped closer to see better, they were flawless and the pale blue emphasized their loveliness. And she continued to dance on. She rubbed harder as she started to lick her fingers one at a time slowly but methodically, you could hear a gasp escape once in a while as she hit the right spot, and she started to dig deeper and deeper through the material.

With fingers ved she slipped them inside her panties and slid them either side of her clit, stroking faster and faster until her knees buckled and she fell onto the bed, where she continued to stroke herself. She bucked and she moaned as she tossed her head as she was carried away into oblivion. Suddenly she threw her hips up arching her back until it seemed as if it would break. She sceamed out load and held herself there until she collasded back down and trembled throughout her body. Her panties were soaked for all that she expelled, and she gently touched herself to finish her release. panting and sweating she stood shackily and walked toward the door, then turned off the light. She looked out the window and said goodnight.

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