What are the chances?  

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3/5/2006 4:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What are the chances?

So here we are looking for a Bi-Female, someone who is about my stats. I perfer someone who is my heigth or shorter...lol


So we are sitting at home, a friend stops by and says hello. While Art and his friends were standing outside some girl in a truck drives by. She waves at them, they wave back and she turns around. She was intrested in Art and wanted to know if he was single. He said no he wasn't single but his girl was looking for someone. Then tells here to take me in a beer.

Well I was looking out the window and seen her getting out of the truck, so I looked at Art and he gave me that "I don't know her" look. They came inside and he intorduced us, I was polite and asked if she would like to sit down, oh yeah she gave me a beer too...lol

So now heres this woman sitting in my living room, one I don't know from Adam...lol I was a little sceptical, but went along with it. So moving on....

She's sitting on my couch talking, Art was asking her questions, she was asking questions and as shy as I was, I sat back and did the uhuh, and Right! lol but it didn't take me long to open up. She hung out for little while and that was that.

Now how come I have a woman drive down the street, who meets close to my stats in a woman and stops at my house, but I can't find someone on here?

Well I hope everyone has an adventerous day as I have had Keep smiling its the best medecine.


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