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2/24/2006 3:43 pm

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I am looking for a real relationship, not a sex buddy. I have met only one person from here, and that was because of my man and yes, it was just a sex thing. If I was just looking for sex, then that would be different, this site would be perfect, though I can't say that I have a hard time trying to find sex. I am the type of person who looks for a meaningful relationship. Sex is a bonus not a first.
I wonder why my man wastes his time on this site. He has contacted people, so have I, yet its all people who want discreet relationships and nothing but sex. I am not a cheater, nor will I be one for someone else. Sorry.
I guess you can say I am picky. Yeah I want a girl who is in shape, who takes care of herself. So what if I want a girl who is the same heigth or shorter than me. I am 5'6 and my man is 6'6 of course I dont want someone taller than myself. I don't know how this may sound to others, but to myself, it is what I want.

Well it does feel good to rant and rave. I am pretty shy and I have a hard time saying what I want to say. I'm always scared that someone wont like what I say. SO usually I just keep quiet and let others make my choices. Not this time.

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