Watching Webcams ... jerking off ... slurping my cum  

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10/20/2005 8:58 am

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Watching Webcams ... jerking off ... slurping my cum

When I need a little break from work, I love to rev up the AdultFriendFinder webcams. My display is a 19" Dell and it is in 1280 x 1024 setting. I can JUST fit 12 webcams at once, 4 across and 3 down.

What I like to do is assemble people vertically. I'll find a woman showing her face, and put her top left corner. That row becomes the "face" row.

Then I'll find a woman showing or fondling her tits or a man with cam on his chest, and make that the "tits" row.

Finally, I'll find a woman showing her pussy or a man or TS/TV/CD his cock, and put that on the bottom. That becomes the pussy row. So vertically it lines up, with one woman's head, another's tits, and a third's pussy! It's pretty cool!

I like looking at CD's playing with their cocks out of womens underwear or pantyhose or stockings etc. and I'll usually assemble one column of "CD parts!" LOL!

OH, and for sound, not many people play their audio on webcam, which is a shame. It's so easy to [x] that box and then we can HEAR you masturbate which can be much more arousing than WATCHING. But with 12 cams going there is usually one or two with sound, so I'll put that on too.

Of course the cams are constantly shutting off, so I have to refresh the list and see who else it webcasting. I fire up 10 or so at a time, switching between the Women list and the TS/TV/CD list, and occasionally the couples list. I slide the "tiles" around and build new combinations of "people" out of the cam parts.

Evenutally, it all becomes more than I can bear, and I whip out my cock, and start fondling it. Sometimes I'll start my own cam and move it to whatever row has room. I might point the cam on my cock, or maybe lean back so people can see everything I'm doing, which might include sticking a butt-plug or anal beads up into my ass, or putting on/taking off a cock ring or strap, or rubbing lotion into my hard cock, or squeezing up beads of precum and drawing them from my cock-tip into glistening strands.

Eventually I get pretty hot and feel like I'm going to cum soon. I then go into "Girls Watching Guys Cum on Cam" or a similar chat room and share my orgasm with whoever might want to view. In the morning I shoot my cum into my coffee cup, and in the afternoon usually onto the glass desktop (see photo) where it shows up very nicely.

With a bit of encouragement from my onlookers, I'll slurp down the coffee-cummm or lap up the desktop-cumm. See my photo albums for some of that. I wish I were slurping it out of a hot wet pussy or a heaving bosom!

I love it when my bisexual or bicurous lady friends join me, as we both get hot seeing cocks and pussies alike. We tile up 12 cams and get busy fingering sucking caressing and ... eventually ... cummming!


xoxo Kryz xoxo

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