Top Ten list of what to do when angry upset brooding hurt  

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Top Ten list of what to do when angry upset brooding hurt

Hmmm ... Ole Uncle Jumbo's Top Ten list of what to do when angry upset brooding hurt ... In the order they came to me.

10. Call my "Irish Twin" Brother. We share the same wounds from childhood, he "gets me" and I can talk with him about anything. And while I occasionally have no shoes ... he generally has no feet. If you catch my drift. And I know you always do!

9. Walk the front nine, alone. Brooding, perhaps crying, but eventually breathing deep and enjoying the commune with nature.

N.B. for the non-golfer: Sitting on the beach in a sand chair, right at the waterline, waves crashing before you, certainly an acceptable substitute. Cigar and Heineken optional but recommended!

8. Walk the Back Nine. With someone I've never met before, or perhaps barely know. And self-absorbed as I might be at that moment, ask about them and their life and really listening. The conversation might not be the deepest, but somehow relating your basics, your core, reacquainting with yourself the innate goodness in YOU that is unencumbered by all the entanglements of life, will make you feel better.

N.B. for the non-golfer: Taking Mr. Tucker to the park, sitting in the sunshine on a bench, and striking up a conversation with a fellow dog owner, an acceptible substitute. Or for that metter, lunching with a prospective Soul-Mate and certain Buddies-for-Life at a stately seaside resort built circa 1916.

7. Gardening. I do it rarely, living in a town-home, but something cathartic being knees down grovelling in the dirt. And when you're done, you see flowers and shrubs and mossy beds and feel like you've accomplished something!

6. Likewise cleaning. My office anyhow. At home I'm not allowed to clean, and there is nothing to clean, it's pristine, TY Baby-Wabbitz! But my office is a mess. I get agitato con fuoco when I find myself "spinning". When it takes me twice as long to find something as what needs to be done with it. Clean sweep time! Once I'm done I wash my hands, sit, breath, look at those full trash cans, put on some music, and delight in my victory vanquishing disorder. (Then I proceed to #1 ... LOL!)

5. Ride my bike. I don't ride it very often, but I find it cathartic when I do. Endorphins, anyone?

4. Call my Grandmother. She's 95. Talking with her is like a crash course in mis-communication. But it's heart-warming to know that she's still with me, and I know it brings a ray of sunshine into her day. We have her Steinway Grand. We christened it "Miss Lillian". Someday I'll have a nice brass plate made, proudly adorning the treble leg. Just thinking about it makes me feel very lucky and blessed. Someday I'll accompany you on Miss Lillian as you sing "All the Things You Are". Just the thought of it has me in tears. That would be a very special moment indeed.

[Tried to insert a picture of "Miss Lillian" but ... none of those new icons allow for that]

3. Listen to Beethoven. When my Mother-in-law passed, my nephew and I lay on the living room floor, he was only about two. During the Adagio of the 9th symphony, we tapped our hands together to the beat, slow but steady, reassuring. Someone asked him, "Matthew, where's Grandma?". He thought a moment, then looked up at the ceiling, and pointed, up. Not a word. He just pointed up. We resumed tapping. Things like this happen when Beethoven is playing. Little Matt didn't understand that Beethoven wrote, but never heard, what we were listening to. But his Uncle Jumbo did. And it somehow made the moment extra-special, like "there IS a God". I never felt that way in Church. But I did being with Matt and Ludwig. Don't even get me started on Brahms Requiem, which I bought the day before, and heard for the first time, an hour later.

2. Go for a scenic drive. Everyone has a favorite "driving road". Where you can open the windows, crank up the music, throw it into manual, and just exhilarate!

and the #1 thing to do when you're angry upset hurting brooding ...

1. Masturbate! Crank up your screen to 1280x1024 (right click, properties, settings, screen area) ... Go to AdultFriendFinder home page ... in Member Webcams > Watch Others ... tile up little pseudo-people 4 across 3 down ... hottay faces on top, breasts and chests and pecs and nipples on row 2 ... vulva and glans, dildoes and panties, legs and genitalia on the bottom row, throw a few TS/TG/TV in there for good measure, and break open the toy chest! Works for me every time!

Divine Providence? Just as I'm finishing on a low-note ... an IM comes over the Yahoo transom ...

naughty_69_20012002: I want to be your dirty slut

So with that, my fair Maiden-in-Distress, I'll bid you "Adieu!" The webcams beckon!

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