Tired of the radio, so I pressed PLAY ...  

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2/17/2006 4:21 pm

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Tired of the radio, so I pressed PLAY ...

Five disks in my Sony SACD, they came up as follows ..

4: Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill

If there is a better singer/songwriter out there, than Alanis please do point me in the right direction (or debut album for that matter) ...

Mental note - get Fiona Apple's new album, and her sister Maude Maggert while I'm at it ... oh and maybe book tix for her at the Algonquin Oak Room ... 21st anniversary perhaps ... well get the album and LISTEN before committing to THAT one!

5(a): Mozart, CLarinet Quintet
5(b): Brahms, Clairnet Quintet
Melos Ensemble of London, never heard of them before ... bought this for my Mom then borrowed it ... Left my "Trout" as collateral ... I don't have the Brahms on any of my CD's ... (Don't worry Mom I'll return it!) ... Not that she's on AdultFriendFinder LOL ... but hell she's single and AWESOME at 70, we (with Baby-Wabbitz) had a lovely night out at Acacia for her birthday, but I digress ...

1: Tierny Sutton - I'm with the Band

Oh shit she's singing "If I Loved You" as I type this ... how serendipidous ... hang in there big fella, don't start bawling like a baby ... sniffles ... Well I'm just her #1 fan and although it's not a perfect album she tries new stuff on every one of her CD's, is the most GENEROUS musician I've ever heard (and I'm talking artistically, as in allowing her band to SHINE) and she just "works" for me on more levels than I could express in even a small book ...

... even has me wondering ...

Could GOD be MUSIC? With me all this time and I never recognized him/her? Bringing ultimate JOY to so many, and pain to so few if any. As opposed to the idol GAWD that 6 billion duped worship and hang their hopes upon, who seems to bring nothing but pain and war and misery and death and suffering to the better part of the human race ... hmmm there just might be a religion in there somewhere.

Baby-Wabbitz said, after watching the towers fall, and seeing the smoke while driving 78 East on 9/11, "HOW can there BE a GOD who would let this happen?"

I'm with you Baby. But, I of course, digress ...

(She just called, 10 minute warning for dinner out, 392nd consecutive), so I'll continue with disks 2 and 3 tomorrow while they are inspiring me.

I should really blog about some other shit but WTF it takes something you CARE about to get you to actually start typing, and the rest of my life is so boring.

Well I was thinking about doing a series of blogs about my life as an amateur webcasting-pornographer... even AdultFriendFinder although that was short-lived. And the Kryztoph Klubs ... yea that's kinda interesting ... and some of my interesting friends. and my online love affairs (trying very hard not to fall into that again).

Requests???? LOL!!!

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