New Years Eve 2005  

kryztoph908 59M
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1/1/2006 12:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Years Eve 2005

Judging from the restaurant at which we dined, EMPTY by 11PM, and never full all night, a lot of people would rather ring in a quiet New Year's at home.

I feel a bit like Elaine taking about the "Lobster Bisque" being the "best part" of a date, but for me the best parts of the evening were ...

1) Seeing my wife happy and smiling and laughing; and looking lovely as ever, lighting up the room. Any "Raymond" fans here? Remember Debra telling Raymond he's bushed having bathed the kids and put them to bed, "OK, that's two million to TWO!" Well I feel rather that way. But I'm now up to four -- adding "Cracking Lobster Claws" to that vanishingly short list of things I do for my wife in return for all she does for me!

2) Helping out the three couples at the big table in the center of the room by photographing the six of them with each of their 4 digital cameras. Next thing you know the server brings us another Cabernet (her 2nd) and a Martini (my 2nd) after a Chardonnay. I thought it a very generous gesture on their part; it took all of 45 seconds for me to zoom & "say CHEESEBURGER!" & snap 4 pics. But I took the wheel with some trepidation with the borderline black-ice conditions.

3) The WQXR "Classical Countdown" was on about 11:10PM as we drove home. I listened, and within 5 seconds (or 4 descending muted trumpet notes) it was unmistakeable -- Mahler! But which one? At that hour it must have been the #2 or #3 -- for years the top 10 was dominated by Beethoven Symphonies & Concerti. I went with the 9th. But .. how could that be so high on the countdown?

I asked my wife "Componeret?" [sic], a little game we play when she reaches for the volume on the car radio (invariably to turn it ALL the way down or shut it off). If I'm LISTENING to something, I make her first name the composer before I let her grab the knob and snuff out the music.

She's gotten quite good at playng it. Her desire for silence is such a strong motivation! Her first guess -- "Prokofiev?" Not a bad guess at all. "Stravinsky?" Another good guess - both within a few decades of Mahler. My heart swells with pride when she's within 30 years! I mean if she said "Vivaldi" she obviously wasn't even listening, or trying.

Then I heard the "Songs of a Wafarer" theme and I realized it was unequivocably the Mahler First Symphony, nicknamed "Titan". I had turned it on during the segue from the third movement to the finale, the music rather non-descript at that point. Could have been any of the nine-and-a-tenth that he wrote. But the SOUND, the orchestration, the timbre, the intervals --- unmistakable -- Mahler!

Then she went down the wrong road. "Shubert?" "Schumann?" "OK give me the first letter of the last name."

HMMM that is usually TOO good a clue, but I offered her "Turn of the Century Vienna".


"BABY -- turn of the 20th Century!" Hell after 3 drinks I'll cut her some slack. "OK, it's 'M'" ...

My "M" was still reverberating in the back seat when she blurted out "OH, MAHLER!"

As I said, she's getting quite good at playing "Componeret!"

My turn for a tears to well up

Funny, and a bit sad, the things childless forty-somethings come up with to fill our lives.

Bonne Annee!

_Safira 53F
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1/1/2006 2:35 pm

Tres magnifique, Kryztoph! Merci, merci.


This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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imBambi 58M/50F

1/1/2006 3:24 pm

Bonne chance dans le neveaux anee!

Seriously though, I was touched by your blog. You sound very much like "Mr. Bambi" - I think your wife has a very special man.


kryztoph908 59M

1/3/2006 11:58 am

Thank you all for stopping by and for your encouraging remarks. I posted this on TennisMaiden's site in response to her "New Year's" blog, not meaning to write so much. But as usually, I got carried away. So while it was still fresh in right-click-copy (lest AdultFriendFinder crash on me after an hour of writing) figured I'd paste it where it belongs, in my own (much neglected) blog.

Funny how you pick up a novel, "Yikers, 800 pages!" and can't even IMAGINE writing such a tome. "Harlot's Ghost" anyone? Yet once you get started ... the words, the ideas, they just keep-a-comin', snowballing. NO NOT THAT KIND!!!

TM, aka "Die Mistressblogger von Barneget" , well what can I tell you but that you inspire me, and bring out the best in me. If we ever get to play mixed doubles, I'll die a happy man!

Bambi, I was once told, (in all honesty -- by the first woman I had phone-sex with), "Kryz, you are a Man with the SOUL of a Woman". I considered it then, and to this day (10 years later) the highest compliment I've ever been paid. Funny, she only ever sent me one picture of herself, holding her son, in her Tennis Outfit, her raquet twirling in her right hand. Serendipity?

Safira, confession: I googled "Happy New Year French" to come up with Bonne Annee! In High School I took 4 years of Latin. So I know plenty of "roots" but that's about it.

ps - You'd NEVER believe who my Latin teacher was. You've all heard of him, probably seen him on stage. His partner was on NPR just the othe day. Care to guess? He was also my 8th grade home room teacher. Hint: 08648 Hint2: "Cruel Tricks"

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