Happy 250th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  

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1/27/2006 6:15 am

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Happy 250th Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Today marks Mozart's 250th birthday. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone cares to venture on the dial to a classical station (if you can find one in your area -- no longer a certainty), and take a little in. In the U.S. try the 88 to 92 part of the dial, a lot of the NPR stations are in that range. In Northern NJ and NYC try 96.3 (WQXR) all day or 93.9 (WNYC) after 7PM.

From what I gather he was a horny little bugger, or maybe that was just the impression left by "Amadeus". Well, something tells me that if he were alive and living today, he would be on AdultFriendFinder!!! And might even have the star-power to nudge Jennifer and Angelina off the covers, well assuming he could find a publicist willing to extend credit.

I'm not a HUGE fan of his music; there is a certain "sameness" to my ear. But I've come to recognize (and this has taken me a decade) that this "sameness" is much like the similarity of beautifully cut and polished diamonds. A given shape is cut with the same facets, angles, etc. Yet they are never quite the same, all striving for "perfection".

In the Clarinet Quintet, the Ave Verum Corpus, the Requiem: Lacrymosa I'm quite sure he achieved it. Perfection. Google it, Amazon it; Ave Verum Corpus is only about a minute long. Quiet your space. Set the volume. Take a breath. Click the link. Listen. If you aren't moved -- stop reading.

I know of no other composer who dared to use this as his "standard". What he accomplished in his 35 short years is truly divinely inspired genius of the highest order.

So I tip my hat, strike my keys, shed a tear of joy, and announce, "Happy Birthday, Mozart!"

kryztoph908 59M

1/27/2006 7:05 am

A juicy quote from WQXR's site ...

"Mozart is all music; there is nothing you can ask from music that he cannot supply...bathed in a glitter that could have come only from the eighteeth century, from that age of light, lightness and enlightenment. It is a perfect product of the age of reason - witty, objective, graceful, delicious. And yet over it all hovers the greater spirit that is Mozart's - the sprirt of compassion, of universal love, even of suffering - a spirit that knows no age, that belongs to all ages."
- Leonard Bernstein (Infinite Variety of Music).

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