Do Black Women have larger clits?  

kryztoph908 59M
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8/25/2005 6:59 am

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3/13/2011 10:59 am

Do Black Women have larger clits?

As an inveterate cam-viewer, I've noticed an interesting pattern. Every now and then I'll see a woman with a REALLY PRONOUNCED CLIT. I mean a real BUD! Something you could take in your lips and suck on.

I'll check the profile, hoping there are more pics of her gorgeous rosebud, and hopefully her face too. And I find that perhaps 80% of the time, it is a black woman. Sometimes you can't tell from the cam show, with the gamut of lighting, skin tone, and cam quality.

What do you think? Do Black Women have larger clits?

Wouldn't surprise me. Although they SAY it's just a myth, I'm convinced Black MEN have larger dicks, on average, than white guys.

Not that size matters

Enjoy every inch ... and every millimeter!

xoxo Kryz xoxo

cocoabi25 44F  
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12/12/2006 8:19 am

Mines is not as large as hers, but it does stick out and noticeable when I'm horny.

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