Busy MLK Day Weekend  

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1/16/2006 11:40 am

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Busy MLK Day Weekend

Saturday night we saw "Casanova" and it was really enjoyable. Heath Ledger is a bit of a mumbler, not quite of the Harrison Ford order (aka "Mr. Mumbles") but is a convincing leading man nonetheless. Loved the music, which was all "period".

The most exciting part of the evening however was the trip home. When we arrived at the Manville Reading 12-plex (our favorite local stadium-seat cinema) it was dreary, breezy and raining. When we emerged at 10:30PM a full-fledged BLIZZARD was raging, replete with howling winds, driving snow, and icy pavement. I was white-knuckled as I drove the 10 miles north back to JumboHaus.

Sunday was a day in New York City. We saw John Lithgow's final matinee performance of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (his final performance being that night). It was GREAT! I loved it! Norbert Leo Butz was incredible -- I see now why this relative unknown actor ran away with the 2005 Tony. Songs, dance, acting, comedy, tragedy, it was great fun. I rather doubt Jonathan Pryce will top the Lithgow performance but who knows? Should any of you see him please add a comment and let me know.

Afterwards we (six of us) trudged in below zero chill factor, against 40 MPH winds, 4 blocks up 8th Avenue to the West Side Palm for dinner. It was awesome. I had a two-fisted Martini (Sapphire, dry, rocks, twist), an excellent shrimp gumbo, a so-so Caesar salad, the 24 oz bone-in Rib-eye which was PERFECT. Wines were both Sonoma Coastal Pinot noir, a David Bruce with the appetizers/salad course, and a Flowers with the entree. Desserts were a carrot cake, key lime pie, cheese cake and assorted berries with fresh whipped cream. The wedge of carrot cake was big enough to chock-block a Ryder truck! Glad we ordered them family-style. One of the best meals I've ever enjoyed. For NYC the restaurant was spacious with plenty of elbow room, much appreciated as we had 4 big guys at the table. I highly recommend the West Side Palm if you are dining in the theater district. I found it better than Gallagher's, on par with Ruth's Chris.

Well back to my tax work, 'tis the season! I've nicknamed my office "Cold Mountain" as the heat is blown in my wing of the building and my slumlord is surely going to take his time getting it fixed. It's about 55 degrees in there right now. I write this from the conference room, via wireless. Works pretty well!


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