Being Careful who we meet (2)  

krsandhu 53F
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8/24/2006 2:14 am

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9/5/2006 2:34 am

Being Careful who we meet (2)

To continue the previous blog.

Approximately 10 days after out first meeting, she called me up and asked if we could meet, so i said fine. The reason she wanted to meet was because she needed a place to stay as the deposit for the previous places she was staying had been used up and she had to vacate the place, and since she did not have any money, she had nowhere to go and no roof over her head. I felt sorry for her being a woman and no one to support her, she told me that her father had disowned her but of course gave a totally different story for the reason which I found out much later. With no family and being divorced and all alone, she asked if she could move in with me. I am actually as mentioned earlier a very private person and have been living on my own for the last 20 over years. But as I felt sorry for her, I said fine, no problem, she could live with me until such time that she gets a job. On 31st Jan I picked her up with her luggage. All she had was 3 bags filled with cloths and some books. She had nothing else.

After she settled in, she started telling me lots of stories abt her life and her marriage, which of course most of it were twisted to make her seem like an innocent victim. She then told me that she was a member of and even told me lots of bad things abt many members here who I knew as well. However I did not take her seriously as I knew those people she spoke abt and to me they were all nice people.

As I was also busy, I never actually talked to any of the said members as I felt they were all nice people. Now I wish I had then I would have been saved alot of trouble.

To get my sympathy, she even went to the extend of telling me that her father had killed her mother when in actual fact, her mother had fallen and died. She even told me bad things abt her brothers, sisters and the rest of her family. I guess I was a fool to feel sorry for her, but I take it as a good lesson. Probably the reason why I tend to believe what most people tell me is because Im a very direct and honest and straightforward person, thus I think that others are like that too, especially women. I never imagined a woman could be so vicious and mean. But a good lesson.

She ate and drank everything in my house and really made herself at home. Used everything, my computer, TV, washing machine. She even destroyed my expensive non stick cook ware as this woman did not even know how to use a non stick pan and instead used a fork to stir. Can u imagine, what woman does not know how to use a non stick pan.

As time went by, I started realising that my things and money were going missing. I always left my bag in the hall and didn't realise she had been stealing money when I went up. I thought I had made a mistake and spend it.

Eventually I realised what she was doing, just making use of me. What blew it was when I decided to tell her off about leaving the fan on when she went out which was common for her, leaving everything on even when not in use, and she raised her voice at me saying why should she switch it off, when she had actually switched it on.

After tolerating all the things she had been doing, I finally told her off, and asked her to pack her bags and get out. That was probably the best thing I ever did.

She stayed FOC at my place for 4 months living of me and thoughout that period did lots of things which would never do. The way she went after men who didn't even show any interest in her, sending them notes etc.

Well I thanks god it was only 4 months that had to tolerate this so called Angel_mcdevil who turned out to be a just a devil, but Im glad its over and done with.

Ive learnt my lesson and now will never go to that extend to help anyone.

rm_swingNco 56M

8/24/2006 11:58 pm

It was lucky this devil didn't land you in the police lock-up! Never shelter anyone who you don't know of his/her background.

When someone tell you all people around him/her are bad, you better put a question mark on him/her first.

Lucky you finally got this devil out.

krsandhu 53F

8/27/2006 9:46 pm

swingNco, yeah ur right. Most of the people she had association with ended up having to go to the police station for some reason or other. And yes Ive learned my lesson, she never had anything nice to say abt anyone, everyone was bad except her.

Yes I am lucky I realised soon enough and got her out

krsandhu 53F

8/27/2006 9:47 pm

cummalot, lol, yeah you are right, I like the way u put it. Thats what it was, only thing is I didn't realise she she was the devil.

milady_de_winter 43F

8/31/2006 4:37 am


Krs- at least my experience with the gutter slut was not that bad...but close LOL..i dumped her fast

well at least it has made u a wiser person


wet_pussy4ever 43F
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9/5/2006 1:38 am

well, u alwiz dun know d person u r meeting.. tho u r close wit d person.. u still dun know abt her personal life.. it's alwiz wise to check it out 1st befor commiting to others. Well, at elast it opens our eyes to b a wiser person in d future


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