Being Careful who we meet (1)  

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8/23/2006 11:39 pm

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Being Careful who we meet (1)

Its been a long time since I updated y blog, the reason simply being that I am actually a private person and don't normally write down my thoughts and experiences, especially when it comes to sex, I am not one to describe it publicly as to what I did with my partner or what my partner did. I do however discuss my experiences with my girlfriends in private only so that they know what men are capable of and the lenths they would go to just to get a woman into their bed. Don't get me wrong, I know there are good men out there too, but most are just wolfs in sheeps clothing looking for a free fuck.

Anyway enough abt that, I think I should go back to the title of this blog. The reason why I wish to share this is so that people who have not experienced will know how one can be used. I have been used by many men and so Im not going to talk abt them in this blog, but instead Im going to talk abt the one woman who made use of me after all I did for her.

Besides I have my profile on other sites too and this girl who is an indian and former member of who I will refer to as M (members of knew her as angel_mcdevil) contacted me asking if the ads I placed were effective, I told her yes and she mailed me back saying she wanted to provide the same services and if I could help her by placing an ad for her. She told me a sob story abt she being jobless and not having any money. Being the compassionate person I am, I felt sorry for her as being a woman myself and having gone through tough times, I could understand how she felt. She asked to meet up and I said ok.

We met up that evening at BSC, a meeting that I would later live to regret.

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