A Fun Weekend  

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9/4/2006 10:50 pm

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A Fun Weekend

The last weekend was a fun weekend. On Friday I was invited to a gathering as a member of passion.com from singapore was coming down. Unfortunately I could not make it as my mum was down and could not leave her alone. I was looking forward to meeting this person as I have been chatting with her in the chat room and found her to be a nice person. Well things did not work out so I did explain to her that I may not be able to make it. I even had to cancel a clients appointment that evening. Well he was one of my regular clients so it was ok and he understood.

However later in the night my sister swung by and decided to take my mum to her place. As it was already late I did not join the group. However sometime later I received a call from a new client who wanted to meet up. As I had nothing else to do and it was a friday night, I decided to meet him as he wanted a whole night booking.

He was from UK and working here as a consultant. A very nice gentleman who told me he wanted to treat me like a princess. I met him at his place at almost midnight. He was nice enough to ask me when he called what I would like to have wine, beer etc and anything else, so he could go out and get it.

We sat and talked and had drinks together for some time and then we made love. After that we had more drinks and talked more, he confided in me about his marital problems and what he is going through. Throughout the night, we discussed his job, my job and the reason Im doing this, our experiences and feelings on issues. What I like about him is that he did not judge me, instead he understood my reasons for doing what Im doing and treated me with respect. He told me that he has never been able to open up to anyone or talk so openly to anyone about his problems the way he did with me and he felt like a whole burden has been lifted off his chest. I was happy that I was able to help someone deal with their problems and that he could talk to me about it.

The compliment he gave me was that I was a very beautiful person on the inside and as beautiful as I am on the outside. He told me that its not all about sex but having someone you can talk to, someone who can understand what a person is going through instead of judging them. Of course I feel the same way. Sex only last for sometime, and after that, if you are not able to communicate with your partner, you will still find an emptiness.

We ended up going to bed at almost 5am. But I had a good time and so did he. I left the next morning after breakfast with him.

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9/24/2006 11:08 am


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