well well well :P  

krishhh2 29M
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5/29/2006 9:00 pm
well well well :P

well it's been 2days that i've launched my blog...but still no comments
anyways...i'n been here for duno how many months..but been serious here for about 2 days...whats nice about this site...is that you get to see many girls and communicate with them...some are rude and some are nice
but in general it is a bunch of cool people...hehe that's what everyone is looking for...
the prob is that girls out here in mauritius..i mean those on this site...just keep quiet no comments...nothing :s damn thats discouraging .....girls where are you?? hope that they'll be more present in the near future...
for the time being i've discovered in myself....i mean a new interest in the sexual context...well it's just curiosity cuz i've never tried it but i'm willing to try an experience with the couples....they are so cute and nice especially the wives....wow such nice people...i'd love to meet them and have a nice time..with those cute couples i'm 100% hetero and will remain as such for life
well those local couples who are looking for men...if you've got a car that would be damn nice huh??....in the car on a lonely beach...but not only the beach there are several nice spots in the country
do drop in some lines hehe
see you later folks
till then
have a nice fuck

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