Why oh why don't people ever learn?  

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5/23/2005 3:56 pm

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Why oh why don't people ever learn?

OK...hosted my first Meet-n-Greet in Bismarck last weekend. Went ok, smaller than expected turnout, but I understand that. The weather turns nice and everyone and their dog is outside doing something. However, we had a LOT more females than males, which is so damned unusual as to not be believed. I was supposedly getting 5 single guys in attendance, but only one showed up. (And even he left early!) I'm telling ya, gents...you missed the boat big time!

It just amazes me how I go through the trouble of setting up an event and then have the people who pester me the most for an invite not attend. I mean, what is wrong with this picture?!? We had several lovely ladies, all looking to play with the area's finest guys, and no one shows? It's enough to make a grown man weep openly.

I made this one a freebie...I am seriously considering making the next one a paid-in-advance event so that perhaps I can get the people who say they are going to come to actually be there. I figure, if they know the they are gonna lose money by not coming, perhaps they might just show up. Seems to work for the parties I attend in Fargo. What do you guys think? Should I charge a fee to attend a party? Would that keep more folks honest about actually coming? I swear, I am not sure any more...

This really isn't my first time. I did try to have a get together last year, but that flopped even harded than this one. I reserved a hotel suite and provided snacks and such, supposedly had about 16 people coming. Then, all at the last minute...they cancelled. I was out over $200! I didn't force people to prepay then...was just gonna get the money from them when they showed up...because I wanted a larger turnout. As it actually turns out...it seems to me that if I do force them to prepay, they actually do attend! I don't understand it...

Perhaps those of you who actually read this can give me your take on it...should I have everyone prepay in order to attend?

Thanks for getting back to me, if you do....

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